Release Notes

Build 21.0.397

Updated May 9th 2022


  •  - BdAgent driver update

  • - Update Telemetry SDK
  • - BdBoot, BdSpy update

  • - Bug fixes

Build 21.0.396

Updated March 18th 2022


  • - Upgrade to Savapi SDK
  • - Update SentrySDK, Telemetry
  • - Bug fixes
  • - Fix APC request settings in SentrySDK

  • - Update openssl version
  • - BgGamingMonitor.dll digital signature update

  • - Bug fixes

Build 21.0.395

Updated February 28th 2022


  • - Update Sentry , SentrySDK and Telemetry to latest versions
  • - Update Behavioral Drivers

*Game Booster:
  • - Improved the Game Booster SDK

Build 21.0.394

Updated February 4th 2022

*Game Booster:

  • - Add support for detecting Microsoft PC Game Pass games

  • - Bug fixes

  • - Update Sentry and Telemetry to latest versions

Build 21.0.393

Updated January 21th 2022

* Antivirus:
  • - Update Sentry and Telemetry to latest versions

* Safe Browsing:
  • - Bug fixes

* General:
  • - Upgrade openssl to 1.1.1m
  • - Upgrade libxml to version 2.9.12
  • - Upgrade libcurl to version 7.81.0

* Firewall:
  • - Upgraded BdNet.sys to build

Build 21.0.392

Updated October 26th 2021

* Antivirus:
  • - Implement Telemetry SDK
  • - Deactivated submission of clean/suspicious AMSI buffers

* Game Booster:
  • - Improved the Game Booster SDK

* Installer:
  • - Upgraded the BullGuard Installer

Build 21.0.391

Updated August 2nd 2021


* Antivirus:

  • - Upgraded Sentry driver
  • - Fixed minor AMSI bugs

* Game Booster:
  • - Upgraded the Game Booster SDK

Build 21.0.390

Updated May 31st 2021


- Improved AMSI samples telemetry
- Optimised integration of antivirus protection layers

Game Booster
- Improved game status detection algorithm
- Improved game detection

Firewall: Improved support for Windows 7


Build 21.0.389

Updated April 6th 2021


GameBooster: Integrated Game Optimization feature as an SDK


Build 21.0.388

Updated February 18th 2021


* General

- Upgraded Mozilla CA certificate
- Upgraded libcurl to version 7.74.0 and OpenSSL to version 1.1.1i


- Improved network attacks false positives detection
- Upgraded BdNet.sys to build

Antivirus: Upgraded the driver for improved files filtering and OS compatibility

* Game Booster: Improved 3DMark optimization


Build 21.0.387

Updated November 20th 2020


* General: Enhanced the Self Protection component.


* General:
 Fixed an issue that caused the Bullguard Uninstaller to occasionally freeze.

* Game Booster: Fixed a critical vulnerability causing privilege escalation.

Build 20.0.384

Updated October 9th 2020


* Antivirus: Implemented several BullGuard Antivirus stability improvements.

Build 20.0.383

Updated October 8th 2020

On 30th September 2020, BullGuard has upgraded BullGuard Antivirus, Bullguard Internet Security and Premium Protection to V21, delivering unrivalled multi-layered detection to provide the ultimate in cyber protection. Here are the main features included in this major upgrade:


* V21 makes more extensive use of Machine Learning (ML), safeguarding devices against known and unknown (0-day) threats.
* BullGuard's ML protection does not need to rely to connection to Cloud services and is able to protect the customer's devices even when they are offline.
* By continuous process monitoring, the Dynamic Machine Learning (DML) system enables real-time detection and blocking of potentially malicious behaviour, while constantly learning and improving based on the detected threats across the entire BullGuard customer base. 


* When online, the Antivirus component was enhanced to check for threats in a Cloud database, enhancing detection of threats that emerge, without the need of local virus signatures update.
* Reduced time to detect and whitelist false positives

Learn more about the V21 upgrade from the Bullguard Company Blog.


Game Monitor: Fixed a vulnerability reported in Game Monitor. Credit and special thanks go to Daniel Gebert, for discovering and reporting this issue.

Build 20.0.382

Updated July 28th 2020

* Game Booster: Some of the most popular streaming applications and services have been whitelisted, enabling Game Booster to be even more streamer friendly.

Build 20.0.381

Updated June 30th 2020

Improvements: Updated the installer for incompatible OS versions (XP, Vista, Windows 7SP0) behavior. Click here to find out more details about the EOL.

Secure Browser: Fixed an issue that caused a startup error for devices with Windows Server 2019 operating system installed.

Build 20.0.380

Hotfix 2

Updated June 29th, 2020

* Secure Browser: Fixed several XSS vulnerabilities reported in Secure Browser. Special credit goes to Wladimir Palant, for discovering and reporting this issue.

Updated June 22th, 2020


Game Booster: Implemented a new detection algorithm.


* Antivirus: Fixed an issue that prevented the application from correctly detecting Steam games, if the additional install path was in unicode.
* Game Booster: Fixed an issue that caused the widget help text to incorrectly remain visible while navigating on a different browser tab or window.

Build 20.0.379

Updated June 2nd, 2020


* Antivirus: Multiple upgrades and vulnerability fixes for the BDSpy driver.
* Firewall: Optimized the import of internal rules.
* Updater: Fixed a potential vulnerability.


* Game Booster:
 - Fixed an issue that prevent the Game Booster application from detecting games if a new GPU driver version was installed between gaming sessions.
 - Game Booster now correctly detects GTA 5.

Build 20.0.378

Hotfix 2

Updated May 19th, 2020

* Safe Browsing: Fixed a vulnerability reported in Safe Browsing. Special credit goes to Wladimir Palant, for discovering and reporting this issue.

Updated April 24th, 2020


* Downloader: The BullGuard downloader has been upgraded to version 2.79, with improved performance and stability among the main features.


* Firewall: Fixed an issue that prevented the Firewall application to from retaining all user added entries in the Blocked Hosts list, after a system restart.

Build 20.0.377

Updated April 8th, 2020


* Antivirus: Fixed an issue that prevented the system to launch games with Easy Anti Cheat installed.
* Game Booster: The Game Booster widget window is now displayed correctly on a multiple monitor configuration.

Build 20.0.376

Updated March 17, 2020


Secure Browser: Secure Browser now marks the safe links for Microsoft Edge and Chromium users.

Build 20.0.375

Updated March 16, 2020


Game Booster: Games with Anti-Cheat can now be optimized as well.


* General: Fixed a scan crash occurance.
* Backup: Fixed an issue that caused BullGuard to crash when users attempted to reauthorize a Backup profile while not having an active internet connection.
* Secure Browser:
- The time format is now correctly displayed on all language versions.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Delete cookies on exit toggle to change position if the Secure Browser menu was opened.

Build 20.0.374

Updated January 21, 2020


* General: Fixed an issue that allowed BdSpy and BdAgent drivers to be unloaded using the fltmc command by users with admin privileges. 

* Backup:
Fixed an issue that caused an authentication failure on Google Drive for users with an active BullGuard Backup profile.

* Installer: Solved a case in which BullGuard Internet Security failed to detect the installation language for Windows-based systems with multiple language packs installed.

* Game Booster: Fixed an issue that caused the Game Booster to incorrectly detect the DouyuLive streaming client as a game application.

* Secure Browser:
- Fixed an issue that caused the Secure Browser to incorrectly display in browsing history a website address previously added to Favorites. 
- Fixed a display issue for website addresses added to Favorites in Secure Browser.
- Website addresses marked as insecure can no longer be added to the Secure Browser Favorites menu.

Build 20.0.373

Updated November 21, 2019


* BullGuard VPN: The BullGuard VPN status is now automatically updated.
* Secure Browser: Several GUI improvements have been implemented.


* Secure Browser:

- Fixed a starting issue for Secure Browser.

- Fixed an issue where Secure Browser would become unresponsive on contextual menu.

- Solved several crash cases for Secure Browser. 
- Fixed an issue where Secure Browser would not update correctly the address bar text when switching tabs.

- Solved a case where downloaded files displayed an incorrect status on Secure Browser.


- Decreased the memory resources required by the Firewall proces to run.
- Firewall now correctly saves the "Respond to ping" option
- Fixed a case in which the temporary blocked hosts list was not correctly cleared after an attack occured.

Build 19.0.371

Updated September 24, 2019


* Antivirus: The Behavioral Engine can now recognize and prompt alerts for processes that run infected AMSI scripts.


* Messaging Center: Fixed multiple Messaging Center display issues.

Safe BrowsingFixed connectivity issues.


*Install: Quick Scan will no longer run during installation.

Build 19.0.370

Updated August 22, 2019


* General: Implemented an optimization that enables BullGuard to delete crash data directories older than 60 days.


* General: Fixed an error that prevented BullGuard from disabling Windows Defender in some Windows 7 environments.
* Firewall: Fixed an error that prevented Firewall setting changes to be applied.

Build 19.0.369

Updated August 20, 2019


* Antivirus: Refined the Sentry alerts system for processes with suspicious digital signatures.


* General: Fixed a crash case that occurred when exiting BullGuard from system tray.
* Antivirus: Fixed a scanning error that caused the following message to be displayed:  
“Invalid parameter for BgScan” 
* Firewall: Fixed an issue that prevented Firewall from automatically creating rules for new programs.
Vulnerability scanner: Fixed an issue that caused the module to become unresponsive. 

Build 19.0.368

Updated July 4, 2019


* General: Added a new error message if not enough disk space is available during application update


* General: Fixed an error that caused the application uninstaller to remove the folder where BullGuard crash dumps are temporarily stored

Build 19.0.367

Updated June 11, 2019


* General: Included an extra check for the application logs to avoid duplicate attachments when submitted


* Firewall: Fixed a rare type of crash

Build 19.0.366

Updated May 10, 2019


* General:
- Improved service health and service performance telemetry schedule
- Improved the updater alert notification logic
- Included the computer name in the application logs for Support troubleshooting purposes
- Added a remote setting to better handling the application error reports containing application logs

* Antivirus: Added an experimental machine learning to Sentry


* Antivirus: Fixed various crashes

Build 19.0.365

Updated April 2, 2019


Added signature version in the update report
- Reduce traffic created by settings.xml checks
- Improved elevation method of collecting user application logs

* Firewall: Updated digital signature for Firewall service' surrogate


* General:
Fixed user application log collection utility
- Fixed installer application images to scale on hi-DPI
- Ammended various UI improvements
- Solved Bullguard Security Helper crashes when collecting user application logs

Build 19.0.364

Updated March 7, 2019


Upgrade the XML parsing library to version 2.9.9
- Modified BullGuard Tray to scale better on hi-DPI systems

* Firewall: Upgraded BdNet.sys to build

* PC Tune UP:  Optimized the module scanning progress


* Firewall: 
- Allowed Firewall to support long paths programs
- Allowed Firewall to support special characters programs
- Rearchitectured to use thread pools


Build 19.0.363

Updated February 18, 2019


Added specific detection and remediation for malware that registers or starts a service
- Added alerts on programs blocked by Firewall


* Firewall: Fixed notification in Messaging Centre about programs which were being blocked by Firewall 

Build 19.0.362

Updated January 28, 2019


Game Booster: Allow Game Booster log collection for troubleshooting purposes
* Firewall: 
- Upgrade Firewall driver build to a newer version
- New functionality to reinspect all allowed applications each time they are modified


* Firewall: Fixed multiple low impact crashes

Build 19.0.361

Updated January 10, 2019


* General
- Dynamic library has been dual signed using Authenticode guidelines for complying with the Code Integrity policies
- Refactored telemetry code
- Upgraded multiple libraries to newest versions

* Safe Browsing: Enhanced error report data 


* Firewall: Fixed multiple low impact crashes

Build 19.0.360

Updated November 11, 2018


* Antivirus: Refactored delay for whitelisting of the trusted  processes


* General:
- Fixed multiple low impact crashes
- Fixed duplicated text on proxy window on all languages
- Minor text corrections for Portuguese version of the app

* Safe Browsing: Recategorized a website group

Build 19.0.359

Updated November 6, 2018


* Antivirus: Released behavioral engine version 1.32
Vulnerability scanner: Removed unnecessary brackets from the module status


* General:
- Added missing label and notification translations
- Fixed multiple low impact crashes

Build 19.0.358

Updated October 29, 2018


* General
- Improved Messaging Centre UI to avoid item overlapping
- Refactored HTML UI
- Enhanced application error reporting

* Antivirus: 
- Updated the antirootkit engine to SDK3.0.0.144_RE
- Released behavioral engine version 1.31


* General: Solved cases of switching from the License Agreement screen to the language selector page without any user input
* Firewall
- Fixed cases of blocking server applications
- Solved cases of reporting an increased number of false attacks on port 5355
* PC Tune Up: Solved cases of Windows 7 crashes generated during PC Tune Up scans
* Parental Control:

- Fixed cases of partially loading web pages due to pre-teen and teenager presets

- Solved cases of displaying incomplete text strings

Build 19.0.357

Updated October 2, 2018


* General: Improved service health and service performance telemetry schedule
* Home Network Scanner: Modified service behavior by preventing it from restarting ad infinitum after repetitive crashes
* Game Booster: Refined the module by excluding non .EXE executables from detection


* General: Fixed cases of BullGuard SSL proxy blocking Oculus Rift
* Firewall: Fixed cases of Firewall crashes in v. 19.0.356
* Safe Browsing: Solved cases of safe browsing checkmarks not being displayed on Google Chrome

Build 19.0.356

Updated September 19, 2018


* General:
- Improve the Service Performance telemetry 
- Upgrade the OpenSSL tool-kit to a newer version
- Upgrade the nervsion of the multiprotocol file transfer library
* Home Network Scanner:  Added a waiting widget to notify whenever the Home Nework Scanner is waiting for an active internet connection


* General:
- Solved various crashes
- Fixed vulnerability of unsafe ".dll" file loading
Backup: Fixed the Backup services crashes when trying to log the local cache data.
* PC Tune UP: Fixed memory leakage encountered after a quick scan
* Firewall: Solved various crashes
* Safe Browsing: Fixed Safe Browsing to show green ticks as intented immediately after installation  

Build 18.1.355

Updated August 27, 2018


* General: Improve the Service Performance telemetry 
* Antivirus: Improve BullGuard Antivirus by itegrating Antimalware Scan Interface


* General:
Changed the BullGuard application add-on for Thunderbird to correction version 18.0, for both Backup and Antivirus
- Corrected the message of the BullGuard application protection status displayed in Windows Defender security center
*Safe Browsing: v.19.0.355 Hotfix 9 (September 18, 2018): Fixed Safe Browsing vulnerability to Cross-site Scripting attacks (CVE-2018-17061). Special credit goes to Martin Thirup Christensen for pointing out this security vulnerability. 

* Antivirus:
- Fixed the "unknown update" error and allow application to sucessfully update 
- Fixed multiple crashes caused by behavioral service when stopping
* Firewall: Fixed various crashes

Build 18.1.354

Updated July 11, 2018 


* General
- Refactor and improve the application telemetry 
- Upgrade the XML library to the newest version
* Firewall: Enhanced and simplified the procedure of managing rules in Firewall


* Antivirus: Fixed crashes and timeouts identified for various scanning operations 
* Firewall: Fixed and filtered specific false-positive attacks
* Vulnerability scanner: Text revision and correction for the "Digitally Unsigned Device Drivers" description


Build 18.1.353

Updated June 13, 2018 


* Firewall: Pop-up notification with allow/block for digitally signed applications identified having untrusted certificate


* Firewall
- Fixed application crashes when checking digital signatures
- Fixed exporting error when trying to collect Firewall logs
* Safe Browsing: Solved cases when application fails to connect to Google Drive


Build 18.1.352

Updated May 22, 2018 


* General:
- Updated the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy documents to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation 
- Add telemetry to keep in control the size of BullGuard application folders
- Added "In-app purchase" functionality to BullGuard application to ease the purchasing process
- Improved the detection and transfer of various application crashes via Background Intelligent Transfer Service
- Improved collection of application crash logs using Windows Error Reporting
- Upgrade to 1.0.2o branch of OpenSSL toolkit


* General: Enhanced the application user interface to scale properly on various screen resolutions (higher DPI values)
* Antivirus: Fixed unicode characters displaying next to BullGuard application executable path in Task Manager
* Firewall: Fixed various application crashes generated by the firewall

* Game Booster
- Fixed a string placeholder position to correctly display the text formatting for the Arabic version of the application
- Fixed and improved telemetry service for Game Booster

Build 18.1.351

Updated April 25, 2018 


* General:
Streamlined log collection directly from BullGuard application for further troubleshooting of any reported issue to Technical Support team
- Improved the detection of various application crashes


* Antivirus:
- Fixed various application crashes generated by the behavioral engine
- Repaired main services to correctly loading at startup

* Parental Control: Whitelisted various applications (Spotify and Netflix)
* Game Booster: Fixed the time displaying format from AM/PM to a 24hr format 

Build 18.1.350

Updated April 11, 2018 


* General:
Improved scalability of the application main window
- Optimized application processes telemetry and statistics
* Game Booster:
 Improved user experience by adding new features:

    - display widget
    - tracking activities in Messaging Centre
    - options to restrain processes resource usage
    - power plan switching


* Firewall: Optimized the value logic acceptance in “Trusted Hosts”
Vulnerability scanner: Solved reported cases when “checking status” operation does not reach its completion
* Game Booster: 
Fixed crashes upon running VMware virtualization software
- Optimized for running various games with/without anti-cheat software

Build 18.1.349

Updated April 3, 2018 


* General:  

- Improved the detection of various application crashes

- Enhanced the service health checker to recreate missing services

Tweaked the application user interface (improved scalability, added more information fields to firewall alerts etc.)

* Antivirus: Improved the and anti-rootkit driver and the detection layers of the behavioral engine


Optimized the accuracy of network attacks detection

- Improved BSOD reporting by adding alternative methods of collecting minidump files


* Antivirus: Fixed various application crashes generated by the behavioral engine
* Firewall: Fixed the instances when the application froze due to a high number of entries in the “Manage Rules” section
Safe Browsing:
- Fixed cases where safe browsing checkmarks were not displayed on Google Chrome v. 62 and Mozilla Firefox v. 56.0 browsers
- Solved cases of displaying the “connection not secure” message was in Mozilla Firefox
Vulnerability scanner: Solved reported cases of crashes
Parental Control: Fixed cases of not being able to install the BullGuard certificate on Mozilla Firefox which caused accessing errors

Build 18.1.348

Updated March 20, 2018 


* General

- Deployed the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 redistributable package

- Enhanced the application user interface to scale properly on various screen resolutions

* Firewall:

- Eased the management and control of “Trusted Hosts” by accepting also IP ranges (e.g. “”)

- Started to collect additional information about detected external attacks


- Fixed the BSOD errors that occurred on Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
- Fixed cases when the application prevented the computer to shut down/restart on Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update)
* Antivirus: Optimized the definition self-repairing and driver reinstall process
* PC Tune Up: Fixed the application crashes that occurred upon scanning Recycle Bin
* Firewall: Fixed cases of refreshing the “Manage Rules” section after each new entry
Vulnerability scanner: 
Solved reported cases of crashes generated whenever an alert was displayed on Windows 7
- Fixed crashes caused by connecting to a Wi-Fi network whose SSID contained special characters
* Safe Browsing: Improved the engine to show more accurate website categories

Build 18.0.347

Updated February 21, 2018


* General: Renamed the product identification file and improved it by adding multiple sections to enlist all BullGuard products

* Firewall: Optimized the accuracy of network attacks detection

* Home Network Scanner:

- Implemented a new behaviour to perform an external port scan every time a new device connects to the network, in order to determine if the device causes a network vulnerability

- Implemented a new behaviour to perform an on-demand scan when pressing the Monitor button in the new network alert pop-up


* General:
- Fixed cases of applications being blocked or crashing when self-protection is enabled

- Solved cases of uninstaller experiencing delays and not displaying the Survey web page
* Antivirus:

- Fixed instances of real-time file scanner not starting

- Fixed crashes generated by Antivirus optimization processes and conflicts between the behavioural engine and known apps
* Home Network Scanner: Solved occasional cases of Network Scanner service crashing


Build 18.0.346

Updated January 17, 2018 


* General:
- Updated the product logos in the installer screens
- Upgraded OpenSSL to version 1.0.2n


* General:
- Fixed the issue of inconsistent font in an installer screen
- Solved the issue of log collection not running in Safe Mode
- Fixed cases of blocking certain games using BattleEye while self-protection was enabled
- Corrected the issue of self-protection preventing BullGuard services from starting
* Antivirus: Solved cases of false positive Sentry alerts triggered by uninstalling Firefox Setup 56.0.1.exe
* Firewall: Fixed instances of Firewall inaccurately detecting attacks from Home Network Scanner hosts on devices scanned by the Home Network Scanner in sleep mode
* PC Tune UP: Solved issues of not being able to detect SSD hard disks on Windows 10 systems
* Home Network Scanner:
- Fixed cases of incorrectly representing the scan progress in the progress bar
- Solved instances of scans on printers or routers preventing the use of the scanned devices
- Fixed the issue of adding devices from disconnected networks to the total count of online devices in the scan status
- Solved instances of network scans not being performed after a fresh install
- Fixed cases of not displaying any network devices when scanning a network for more than 10 minutes

Build 18.0.345

Updated December 13, 2017


* General:
- Updated the self-protection component for compatibility with Windows 10
- Improved Windows performance testing through several enhancements
* Antivirus: Upgraded the behavioural engine and added new policies for improved performance
* Game Booster: Improved the GUI by adjusting the spacing between icons and text and using consistent font styles
* Home Network Scanner:
- Optimized the behaviour of the “Monitor network” pop-up in the case of networks that are removed from the “Ignored Networks” list
- Implemented telemetry features, such as: tracking the maximum number of concurrently connected networks; counting user actions in the “new network” pop-up
- Enhanced Home Network Scanner for a more accurate detection of connected networks


* General: 
- Fixed rare cases of blocking Steam games while self-protection was enabled
- Solved cases of not loading the BullGuard main screen during OOBE in progress
- Fixed cases of crashes when reading strings from the registry
* Firewall:
- Fixed instances of inaccurately blocking Home Network Scanner port scans and devices previously scanned by Home Network Scanner
- Solved cases of not being able to start the Firewall from the command prompt
- Fixed rare cases of incorrectly blocking the communication with the gateway following a reboot
* Home Network Scanner:
- Fixed issues of scans continuing when “Scan again” is selected after a scan interruption prompted by a disconnected network cable
- Solved cases of scans performed on a monitored network with no Internet connection, without notifying the user that the network is offline
- Solved issues of incorrectly displaying the monitored networks and the total number of online devices in “My Network”
- Fixed instances of network scans applied only for one of two networks recently added to “Monitor”
- Solved cases of “My Network” overlay not updating properly

Build 18.0.344

Updated November 23, 2017



- Updated the Bullguard Downloader icon

- Upgraded libcurl to version 7.56.1 and OpenSSL to version 1.0.2m

- Moved from SHA-1 to SHA256 code-signing certificate

* Antivirus:

- Improved driver synchronization by regenerating the version file

- Enhanced the synchronization between the working threads and the behavioural engine

- Improved the "Protect important settings with your account password" functionality by adding password protection to the "Quarantine" page

* Backup: Improved the "Protect important settings with your account password" functionality by adding password protection to the "Manage Profiles" and "Settings" pages

* Game Booster: Enhanced the Game Booster interface: new tile in the main screen, new "My Games" dialog for enabling/disabling the optimization of individual games, improved Game Booster widget
* Home Network Scanner:

- Made several cosmetic enhancements for a more accurate display of text in the Home Network Scanner dialogs

- Improved the Home Network Scanner interface to ensure that simultaneous calls on multiple threads are seamlessly performed

- Implemented device count for frequently scanned networks

- Improved fast start-up by introducing a 2-minute delay before network monitoring starts


Firewall: Fixed instances of password protection not being active when accessing the Settings and Manage Rules pages or taking administrative actions in the Logs page

Game Booster:

- Solved cases of Game Booster preventing BullGuard to load on Windows Vista

- Removed the possibility of enabling Game Booster on machines for which the plugin functionalities bring no improvements (less than 4 CPU cores)

Home Network Scanner:  Solved instances of application crashes after scanning an offline network twice

Build 18.0.343

Updated November 7, 2017


* General: Implemented a new behaviour to postpone automatic updates if the system has just resumed from sleep/hibernation

* Vulnerability Scanner: Added a new icon and status for wireless networks at risk which have been ignored
* Home Network Scanner:
- Enhanced the usability of the Home Network Scanner through several optimizations, such as: improved detection, scanning and display of network connections, a more accurate display of online and offline devices, a smoother rendering of interface animations

- Optimized the behaviour of the “new network connection” notification after closing the pop-up

- Implemented a new notification to indicate that the Internet connection was lost during an on-demand scan

- Introduced a new behaviour to stop an active on-demand scan on a network that was changed from Monitored to Ignored during the scan

- Improved the system and user interface response time during real-time scans

- Enhanced the user interface in order not to allow the rendering of external html/JavaScript input

- Home Network Scanner activity has been excluded from analysis by Safe Browsing and Firewall


Parental Control:

- Fixed cases of incorrectly blocking Windows components and applications

- Fixed instances of displaying Parental Control warnings for Skype v7.33.0.105, even if access to the application was granted through the Parental Control profile
Home Network Scanner: Solved cases of not being able to change the device type in the Italian interface

Build 18.0.342

Updated October 13, 2017


* Firewall: Optimized the detection of port scan attacks
* Vulnerabilities:
- Reduced battery consumption by disabling resource-consuming checks on laptops running on battery power
- Implemented an option to ignore an open Wi-Fi network after a network safety alert
* Parental Control: Improved the detection of safe websites
* Home Network Scanner
- Implemented an algorithm that detects which ports can be opened in a web browser
- Implemented a new behaviour to display the device IP during scanning
- Enhanced the display of connected devices in on-demand scan results
- Improved the reporting of devices with security issues in the network status


* General: Fixed instances of icons missing from taskbar hover previews
* Parental Control: Solved the issue of incomplete loading of the Dropbox / OneDrive authorization page
* Home Network Scanner: Corrected the display of text in the Arabic interface

Build 18.0.341

Updated October 11, 2017


* General
- Implemented several improvements to achieve faster system startup, by disabling a number of cache files on slow systems and defragmenting binaries after install
* Antivirus:
- Enhanced the application to ignore cloud files from on-access scans, unless they are opened for execution
- Reduced the scan time by increasing the number of cache entries
- Excluded Microsoft cloud files from on-demand scans
* Firewall: Implemented several improvements in the “Manage rules” window
* Backup: Implemented a new Backup behaviour to skip unhydrated files and display this information in the log file
* PC Tune Up:
- Changed behaviour to no longer run scheduled scans while on battery
- Cloud files are not hydrated when accessed by the PC Tune Up module
* Home Network Scanner:
- Implemented several interface improvements to enhance usability, such as: standard naming for devices and networks, dynamic interface that accommodates various string lengths, displaying external open ports at the top of the list in Advanced view, and more
- Reorganised the device scanning order
- Enhanced the device connection status detection
- Implemented a new algorithm that checks the connection status before relaunching a scan


* Antivirus:
- Solved instances of not refreshing the quarantine after every malware detection, caused by a desynchronization between services
- Fixed instances of Antivirus tile displayed as inactive after a fresh install, although the service was running
- Solved cases of new scans no longer working after closing the program from the tray during a scan in progress


Build 18.0.340

Updated September 27, 2017


* Home Network Scanner: New module that allows users to stay in control of their networks by identifying new connections and providing an overview of all the smart devices connected to them, while pointing out those that might expose the network to external threats.
* Antivirus: Implemented a next-generation behavioural engine that analyses all the actions performed by programs and detects suspicious activity.
* Game Booster: Enhances the gaming experience by protecting systems against frame drops caused by initialized programs that are not core to the system.


* General: Desktop application tiles have been reordered to accommodate new features.
* Firewall: Enhanced the Firewall module by releasing an intrusion detection system that monitors networks for malicious activity or policy violations.


* General:
- Fixed cases of displaying an inaccurate number of Messaging Centre entries
- Fixed instances of Skype not going into full screen video while BullGuard was open in the system tray
- Solved instances of displaying the Firewall settings page instead of the main application screen when starting BullGuard from the system tray
* Antivirus:
- Fixed cases of missing text from "More details" dialogs opened from Antivirus on-access pop-ups
- Solved cases of not deleting quarantined files
- Fixed instances of missing on-access pop-ups for infected mails on Thunderbird 45.1.0
- Solved cases of displaying the Antivirus tile as greyed-out on Windows Vista
* Firewall: Solved occasional cases of Firewall crashes when uploading files to BullGuard cloud


* Spamfilter: Since filtering junk emails has become a central feature of most email services, BullGuard's Spamfilter has been discontinued, but we will continue to scan your emails for threats and malware.
* Social Media Protection: Following Facebook's API policy changes, Social Media Protection functionalities have been greatly reduced, which led us to removing this feature.

Build 17.1.336

Updated August 17, 2017 


  • * General: 
  • - Implemented new application behavior to reduce system startup and shutdown time
    - Improved the silent gaming mode detection feature


  • * General: Solved cases of incorrectly displaying dates in Messaging Centre reports
    * Safe Browsing: Fixed cases where safe browsing checkmarks were not displayed for all search results
    * Vulnerabilities:
    - Solved UI issues in Vulnerabilities scan results, such as truncated text or incorrectly displayed data
    - Fixed cases of showing safe status for the “Automatically run programs from removable drives” section of the Vulnerabilities report, even if the necessary conditions were not met
    - Corrected instances of inadequately displaying a “Missing Windows security updates” notification after a system restart

Build 17.1.335

Updated July 26, 2017 


  • * General: Implemented an optimization to temporarily disable Windows fast startup when a critical BullGuard update is scheduled for reboot
  • * Firewall:
  • - Improved the Firewall traffic log to display all blocked actions
  • - Reduced the time required to clear Firewall log
  • * Vulnerabilities: Modified the vulnerabilities report from Messaging Centre to display information as read-only
  • * PC Tune Up: Optimized the module to detect whether an application is in full screen mode and to delay any PC Tune Up scheduled scans until after the full screen mode is no longer active


  • * General: 
  • - Fixed installation crashes on Windows Vista
  • - Corrected the BullGuard application version displayed on the "Apps and Features" page in Windows
    - Fixed cases of not detecting the correct application language for preinstall kits
    - Corrected the date displayed in the Messaging Centre Weekly Reports
  • * Safe Browsing: Solved cases of not displaying the safe browsing checkmarks for all search results
  • * Firewall: Fixed cases of application crashes and of displaying an incorrect application digital signature status when the option to “Automatically create rules for known programs” was disabled
  • * Parental Control: Fixed the issue of not correctly displaying Parental Control reports for all profiles

Build 17.1.334

Updated June 22, 2017 


  • * General: Updated the uninstaller image to reflect the newest product packaging
  • * Firewall:
  • - Implemented the latest Dropbox API
  • - Updated the Firewall reports from Messaging Centre to show detailed file information
  • * Vulnerabilities:
  • - Enhanced the UX by implementing a new and easy to use module interface
  • - Implemented a continuous vulnerability monitoring service


  • * General: Solved cases of installer getting silently frozen
  • * Antivirus: Fixed cases of not caching processes with unsigned images
  • * Firewall: Solved cases of crashes generated by the Firewall engine on Windows 7 operating systems
  • * Spamfilter: Updated the spamfilter engine to support the latest Thunderbird version, therefore fixing cases of marking all incoming messages as read

Build 17.1.333

Updated May 16, 2017 


  • * General: Improved the Protect important settings with your account password functionality by showing users which are not Windows administrators an explanation of why the password is required
  • * Firewall:
  • - Implemented a new notification mechanism for Firewall alerts
  • - Enhanced the automatic creation of Firewall rules by covering also applications installed from network locations


  • * General:
  • - Fixed cases of not loading all the application tiles when in grace period
  • - Solved rare cases of not showing the BullGuard tray after restarting the application
  • * Firewall:
  • - Fixed cases of confirming the removal of a Firewall rule by using the Esc key or the Close button on the Firewall application rules pop-up, instead of closing the pop-up without taking any action
  • - Tweaked the Remove orphan rules functionality to show the correct application to which the orphan rules pertain
  • - Fixed the functionality of the Explore application option displayed in the contextual menu of the Firewall Logs


Build 17.1.332

Updated April 5, 2017 


  • * Firewall: Implemented a new and improved engine. The new Firewall engine is lightweight and makes the most out of the default system settings, with minimum user input and system impact.


Build 17.0.331

Updated March 27, 2017 


  • * General: Upgraded OpenSSL to version 1.0.2k


  • * Antivirus: Fixed cases of detecting during a full scan also the malware samples sent to BullGuard for analysis and located in the application's folders
  • * Parental Control: Solved cases of showing a “Connection not secure” warning for HTTPS sites
  • * Spamfilter:
  • - Fixed rare cases of preventing specific e-mail domains from being added to the safe domains list
  • - Solved cases of blocking e-mails sent using QuickBooks 2017


Build 17.0.330

Updated February 15, 2017 


  • * General: Reduced the memory footprint created by the self-protection engine
  • * Safe Browsing: Reduced the time needed to close the service


  • * General: Fixed rare scenarios of installer appearing to be frozen for 5 minutes during reinstallation


Build 17.0.329

Updated January 18, 2017 


  • * General:
  • - Enhanced the application to accurately reflect the status of the e-mail monitoring service in the corresponding module tiles
  • - Implemented several improvements to the IoT silent scanner, such as delayed service start at boot and new value format
  • * Backup: Configured the backup service to manually start and to convert to automatic only if backup profiles are configured


  • * General: Solved installation fails in cases when the installer is launched from VMware shared folders
  • * Antivirus: Fixed incompatibilities with the Smart DNS option from CactusVPN
  • * Safe Browsing: Solved cases of safe browsing checkmark crashes on Facebook


Build 17.0.328

Updated December 13, 2016 


  • * Backup: Integrated additional application changes triggered by the retirement of the Online Drive
  • * PC Tune Up: Enhanced the PC Tune Up module to allow access to other application tiles while the Optimize window is open


  • * Backup: Fixed cases of not automatically starting scheduled backups
  • * Parental Control: Solved cases of not properly cancelling Optimize jobs


Build 17.0.327

Updated November 29, 2016 


  • * General: Implemented a generic user data collection service
  • * Antivirus:
  • - Improved the granularity of the behavioral alerts
  • - Started the collection of behavioral metadata
  • * Safe Browsing: Added safe browsing checkmarks to the Shop now buttons displayed on Facebook
  • * Backup: Integrated the necessary application changes triggered by the retirement of the Online Drive
  • * Identity Protection: Integrated the functionality of dynamically showing or hiding the Identity Protection tile based on user country


  • * General: Solved reported cases of crashes
  • * Parental Control: Fixed cases of not saving the selected Parental Control profile state (enabled/disabled)


Build 17.0.326

Updated November 21, 2016 


  • * Licensing: Implemented a multi-device licensing system which will allow all BullGuard users who renew or purchase a new subscription to protect all their devices with a single license, irrespective of the platform used (PC, Mac or Android). Moreover, all registration and login flows have been redefined to improve the overall user experience.
  • * Backup: Google Drive and OneDrive backup destinations are now out of beta and they are available to all users through BullGuard Backup. All the flexibility of BullGuard Backup profiles such as scheduling and data encryption are now available also for these new backup destinations. Create a new backup profile and select Google Drive or OneDrive to test them out.


  • * General:
  • - Added installer support for Arabic languages
  • - Performed installer fine tuning
  • - Upgraded to the latest OpenSSL
  • * Firewall: Improved Firewall speed, stability and statistics reporting
  • * Backup: Integrated application changes triggered by the retirement of the Online Drive


  • * General:
  • - Fixed the automatic transformation of BullGuard Internet Security to BullGuard Premium Protection
  • - Fixed cases of displaying wrong text strings on expired overlay for trial accounts


Build 16.0.325

Updated October 12, 2016 


  • * Safe Browsing: Enhanced the safe browsing engine by allowing the whitelisting of link segments
  • * Firewall: Improved the verification of custom files using all firewall whitelists
  • * Backup: Integrated Google Drive and OneDrive with BullGuard backup (BETA version)


  • * General:
  • - Fixed the BSOD cases caused by the self-protection engine
  • - Fixed cases of installer being blocked by the self-protection engine
  • * PC Tune Up: Solved cases of incorrect detection of unused folder shortcuts


Build 16.0.324

Updated September 8, 2016 


  • * General:
  • - Improved registry protection
  • - Enhanced the integration with other tools, such as backup and system restore applications that operate with BullGuard files
  • - Increased the security against malware of the Self Protection functionality


Build 16.0.323

Updated August 18, 2016 


  • * General: Enhanced GUI to clearly display application text and background while using high contrast Windows themes
  • * Safe Browsing: Improved the display of safe browsing checkmarks during searches on different web browsers
  • * PC Tune Up: Optimized the correct detection of unused folder shortcuts
  • * Spamfilter:
  • - Improved the detection of cloned infected e-mails
  • - Enhanced the startup speed of the Spamfilter Launch Wizard in Microsoft Outlook
  • - Optimized the detection of e-mail clients for Exchange accounts to include also Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • * PC Tune Up: Improved the functionality of the Optimize my PC button
  • * Parental Control: Enhanced the Parental Control reporting functionality to list only visited sites and to exclude any entries created by adds


  • * General: Removed the Scan for viruses duplicate entry from the contextual menu of the Bulllguard icon located in the taskbar
  • * Spamfilter:
  • - Solved cases of not receiving unencrypted e-mails
  • - Fixed cases of not switching to an active BullGuard window while clicking on the Open BullGuard Spamfilter button from an e-mail client
  • - Solved cases of not displaying the Spamfilter toolbar in Windows Live Mail
  • * Parental Control: Fixed cases of allowing the blacklisted Yahoo application to connect to the internet by renaming the executable file


Build 16.0.322

Updated July 26, 2016 


  • * General:
  • - Enhanced the GUI to accommodate all Windows theme colors, without interfering with the font color used by the application
  • - Improved DPI scaling for web registration, nags and HTML dialogs
  • - Reduced DLL size by adjusting images
  • * Antivirus:
  • - Reduced the amount of RAM used by the behavioral engine
  • - Enhanced module by deleting any leftovers of infected e-mails from the Temp folder
  • - Improved the behavioral engine by monitoring digitally signed programs with a history of unsigned versions
  • * Spamfilter: Improved the integration of the Spamfilter plugin with Windows Live Mail
  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Improved GUI by making the Boot Manager dialog box resizable
  • - Enhanced PC startup speed by delaying the loading of the Spamfilter plugin
  • - Optimized PC Tune Up engine by launching the Startup maintenance thread only in case of disabled or delayed startup applications
  • * Parental Control: Improved GUI for Parental Control reports


  • * Firewall:
  • - Fixed the Dump internal firewall rules functionality
  • - Solved cases of advanced firewall rules not always having priority over application rules
  • * Backup: Fixed cases of not checking the validity of the passphrase when restoring an encrypted backup
  • * Vulnerabilities:
  • - Repaired the vulnerability scan report to show only valid results
  • - Fixed the error Missing RunDll_GetMetroInfo that appeared while running a vulnerability scan simultaneously with using a metro app that open ports
  • * Spamfilter:
  • - Solved cases of unencrypted e-mails blocked by the Spamfilter module
  • - Fixed cases of not replacing infected emails
  • - Solved cases of replacing special characters from sent emails with other special characters
  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Fixed cases of allowing the Boot Manager to set up different startup types (enabled, disabled, delayed) when multiple instances of the same process appear at Windows startup
  • - Solved cases of disabled PC Tune Up module on fresh installs
  • * Parental Control:
  • - Solved cases of not being able to create a Guest profile
  • - Fixed the functionalities of the warning message that appears when activating the PC locking schedule on the Windows administrator account
  • - Solved cases of warning messages showing that specific websites were blocked based on category instead of being blocked because they were manually marked as unsafe


Build 16.0.321

Updated June 23, 2016 


  • * Spamfilter: Improved accuracy of the received e-mails counter


  • * General:
  • - Fixed downloader vulnerability to DLL hijacking attacks on Windows 7. Special credit goes to Sachin Wagh (@tiger_tigerboy) for pointing out this security vulnerability
  • - Solved cases of keeping the proxy settings during uninstall, even though the option “Keep the settings” has been deselected
  • - Fixed cases of application crashes when reopening the main window, while other application screens are still open
  • * Firewall: Solved cases of application crashes while in Settings -> Firewall -> Networks screen and reconnecting the Ethernet cable
  • * Spamfilter: Fixed cases of showing the Spamfilter and the PC Tune Up modules as enabled in Safe Mode
  • * Safe Browsing: Solved cases of not properly showing Facebook checkmarks during searches on Mozilla Firefox


Build 16.0.320

Updated May 27, 2016 


  • * General: Optimized the detection of conflicting software during the installation of BullGuard applications
  • * Antivirus:
  • - Enhanced the scan progress bar to show the real-time status for the on demand scanning of "Documents and Settings" from C drive
  • - Replaced the” Scan folder” dialogue box from the Antivirus menu with "Custom scan", which now allows also the scanning of single files, not only folders
  • - Optimized UX by customizing the browse dialogue boxes to display a logical folder structure
  • - Improved GUI for the "Skip files and folders" and "Skip specific processes" dialogue boxes from Settings > Antivirus > Advanced > Tuning
  • * Safe Browsing:
  • - Improved Safe Browsing engine to scan also shortened links
  • - Added support for Vivaldi browser
  • - Improved overall Safe Browsing performance
  • * Spamfilter:
  • - Improved the accuracy of the spam/not spam e-mail counter
  • - Reduced the loading time of the BullGuard Spamfilter add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • - Improved the Spamfilter performance in order to take up less CPU memory at startup and to speed up the processing of incoming e-mails
  • - Enhanced the Spamfilter module to correctly show whitelisted and blacklisted e-mail addresses that were manually imported via the registry
  • - Improved UX by showing a notification while the Spamfilter is processing incoming e-mails
  • * Parental Control: Enhanced UX by showing an alert before logging out of Windows, once a new Parental Control profile has been created in a non-admin Windows user account


  • * Antivirus: Removed the error message “The scanning profile is already running” that appeared in case of stopping and restarting a scan in under 1 second
  • * Safe Browsing:
  • - Fixed cases of webpages blocked by BullGuard Safe Browsing on virtual machines, when BullGuard is installed only on the physical system and not on the virtual machine
  • - Solved cases of Facebook downloading "xti.php" and "generic.php"
  • - Fixed cases of Safe Browsing checkmarks that are not showing on Yahoo search engine
  • * Spamfilter:
  • - Solved cases of Windows Mail crashes caused by BullGuard Spamfilter
  • - Fixed cases of allowing e-mails from blacklisted contacts
  • - Fixed cases of not keeping Spamfilter settings if protection is turned off and on again while in Basic mode
  • - Repaired the functionality of the "Not Spam" button in Mozilla Thunderbird
  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Fixed cases of crashes upon first time use of the Duplicate Files finder on Windows 7
  • - Fixed cases of Boot Manager dialog box not appearing after disabling and re-enabling this feature
  • - Fixed cases of crashes during the Optimize process on Windows 8 32-bit
  • - Solved cases of Startup Applications failing to launch after first running a PC Optimization on 32-bit systems


Build 16.0.319

Updated April 26, 2016 


  • * Antivirus: Changed the behavioral engine to automatically quarantine all detected threats
  • * Firewall: Improved the logging script to include a list of Firewall rules and settings


  • *PC Tune Up: Improved the detection of unused file shortcuts


Build 16.0.318

Updated April 5, 2016 


  • * General: Improved application scaling on different DPI’s
  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Enhanced PC optimization feature by detecting Windows indexing files which can take up to several GB of disk space and by displaying file size on disk instead of logical file size
  • - Improved UX by allowing the BullGuard main window to capture focus even though the Boot Manager window is open
  • * Antivirus:
  • - Improved BullGuard Behavioral engine by reducing RAM usage and database errors
  • - Enhanced Antirootkit detection on Windows 10
  • * Backup: Enhanced the process of recreating index files when rerunning backup profiles
  • * Firewall: Improved recognition of network printers
  • * Spamfilter: Optimized configuration of safe/blocked contacts and domains


  • *General: Fixed compatibility issue with Qustodio
  • * PC Tune Up: Fixed cases of administrator password required for running Cleanup Helper on Windows XP
  • * Parental Control: Cancel button has been made available also when the URL list is open for text input


Build 16.0.317

Updated March 14, 2016 


  • * Parental Control:
  • - Improved security of the scheduler by removing the system clock dependency
  • - Enhanced chat app blocking/unblocking functionality
  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Redesigned PC optimization feature. The user is now guided to a wizard through which he can customize this feature. New options added: shortcuts cleanup, Microsoft Edge cache cleanup, crash dumps cleanup and Windows Defender temporary files cleanup
  • - Optimized unused shortcut deletion process
  • - Improved UX by correcting translation issues
  • * Firewall: Improved Firewall logging to take up less space on disk
  • * Backup:
  • - Improved UX by adding tooltips
  • - Improved Backup restore feature by adding a "Retry" button for failed restore actions


  • *General: Fixed cases of application not starting after installation completes
  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Correctly open Boot Manager upon clicking on the "Open Boot Manager" link after restart
  • - Fixed cases of crashes due to the removal of broken registry entries


Build 16.0.316

Updated February 24, 2016 


  • * Antivirus:
  • - Improved alert system in case of running infected scripts
  • - Improved recognition of Microsoft Development Certificates
  • * Spamfilter: Optimized memory usage
  • * Safe Browsing: Improved certificate insertion on Mozilla Firefox
  • * Backup: Optimized restore policy for encrypted backups


  • * Antivirus:
  • - Removed false positive alert triggered during Windows 10 upgrade
  • - Fixed malware path detection for virtual CD drives created with PowerISO
  • - Fixed cases of crash during Quick scan
  • *Firewall: Fixed application crashes caused by Firewall port scan detection settings


Build 16.0.315

Updated February 15, 2016 


  • * General:
  • - Improved startup performance
  • - Enhanced UX for alerts
  • * Antivirus: Improved recognition of Microsoft Development Certificates
  • * Firewall:
  • - Improved Firewall startup process and overall speed
  • - Reduced time for establishing trusted networks
  • - Optimized certificate signature recognition
  • * Safe Browsing:
  • - Reduced startup time and improved overall performance
  • - Enhanced Mozilla Firefox certificate installation
  • * Spamfilter: Increased security of whitelists through data encryption
  • * Backup: Improved UX for e-mail backups


  • *General: Solved cases of application crashes on Windows XP
  • *Spamfilter: Fixed cases of blocking unencrypted emails and emails sent through EasyFactuur


Build 16.0.314

Updated January 25, 2016 


  • * General:
  • - HTTPS proxy improvements: the HTTPS proxy now negotiates the best security cyphers supported by both the client and the webserver, temporary certificates are stored in a secure (encrypted) location and updated the trusted root certificates list. Credit and special thanks go out to Xavier de Carné de Carnavalet for discovering and reporting these issues
  • - Improved performance on Windows 10
  • - Changed downloader and installer certificates to SHA256
  • * Firewall:
  • - Improved LAN network speed when using the Firewall
  • - Improved help for Firewall
  • * Safe Browsing:
  • - Improved mechanism of displaying the extra details tooltip for the scanned URLs in searches performed when using Chrome
  • - Improvements of Safe Search links check for sponsored links in Google searches
  • * Backup:
  • - Improved behavior of the out-of-space notifications when editing a file in the Unity folder
  • - Enhanced progress bar mechanism displayed when running a profile
  • - Improved windows focus behavior when a scheduled profile starts
  • - Improved usability of the backup feature by adding Passphrase reminder notifications and explanatory tooltips
  • * Antispam: Improved block domains behavior on Outlook 2013


  • * Antispam:
  • - Fixed cases of crashes on XP SP3
  • - Fixed cases of crashes when using Windows Live Mail
  • *Safe Browsing: Fixed Safe Search links check on Firefox x64
  • *Antivirus: Fixed cases of log viewer crashes on Windows XP
  • *PC Tune-Up: Fixed Cleanup Helper crashes cases
  • *General: Fixed World of Tanks compatibility with the AV module


Build 16.0.313

Updated December 8, 2015 


  • * Backup: Improved UX with tooltips in cases of features not available in certain combinations
  • * General: Improved startup performance


  • * PC Tune Up: Fixed crashes in cases of multiple PC Tune Up modules opened in the same time


Build 16.0.312

Updated November 11, 2015 


  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Improved UI rendering of Cleanup Helper for Windows Classic theme
  • - Improved user help by adding tooltips in Duplicate Files
  • - Look and feel and consistency enhancements in Cleanup Helper
  • * Backup: Improved UX with notifications in case Dropbox is installed and will download the files backed up by BullGuard in the Dropbox account
  • * Antivirus: Improved scanning of the registry values passed to PowerShell scripts


Build 16.0.311

Updated October 22, 2015 


  • * Backup: The Dropbox feature is now out of beta, and available to all users. Dropbox was added as Backup destination. All the flexibility of the BullGuard Backup profiles and encryption are available. Create a new Backup profile and select "Dropbox" as destination to test it out.
  • * PC Tune Up: Duplicate Files feature was added and it identifies the duplicated files on disk. Access the new feature by selecting “Duplicate Files” from the PC Tune Up options.


  • * General: Improved product notifications about expiration
  • * Safe Browsing: Improved mechanism of displaying the extra details tooltip for the scanned URLs
  • * Firewall: Reduced default notifications of the firewall for the cases when user decision is not needed


  • * Backup: Fixed cases of BullGuard hanging when managing the Backup profiles


Build 15.1.310

Updated October 6, 2015 


  • * Backup: [BETA] Dropbox was added as Backup destination. All the flexibility of the BullGuard Backup profiles and encryption are available. Create a new Backup profile and select "Dropbox" as destination to test it out.


  • * General:
  • - Improved product communication in case of expired licenses
  • - Uninstaller improvements in Safe Mode
  • * Safe Browsing:
  • - Improved Safe Browsing detection with a newly implemented local categories list
  • - Improved security with ECDH algorithms in the HTTPS Proxy
  • * PC Tune Up: Improved scheduler of automatic optimization tasks
  • * Parental Control: Improved detection of religion websites
  • * Firewall: Improved firewall method to block communications while the Allow/Block notification is displayed


  • * General: Fixed incompatibility issues with Outlook 2016
  • * Safe Browsing: Fixed cases of not displaying videos on Facebook that were accessed through links received on Skype and Yahoo Messenger
  • * Backup: Fixed incorrect error displayed when running a backup profile of an under maintenance account


Build 15.1.308

Updated August 19, 2015 


  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Added Recommended Cleanup feature in Cleanup Helper, showing to the user files safe to be deleted
  • - Added notifications for scheduled PC Tune Up optimizations, Boot Manager report status and Cleanup Helper recommendation in case of low space on startup disk
  • * Parental Control:
  • - Improved notification mechanism when time and applications restrictions are applied
  • - Improved Windows 10 compatibility
  • * Antivirus:
  • - Improved behavioral detection in case of Windows reusing process IDs
  • - Improved reporting of behavioral malware detections in Message Center
  • - Improved reporting to Windows of components status in case of expired licenses
  • * Safe Browsing: Improvements of Safe Search links check in Facebook, Yahoo and Bing


  • * Vulnerability scanner: Fixed "Show details" button not working
  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Fixed Boot Monitor crashes
  • - Fixed cases of blank notifications being displayed


Build 15.1.307

Updated July 14, 2015 


  • * Parental Control:
  • - Numerous stability and consistency improvements
  • - Improved access scheduling mechanism
  • - Added automatic refresh of profiles to display new Windows users
  • - Improved Parental Control reports in MyAccount
  • - Improved usability by adding Privacy Control fields validations
  • - Added extra layer of security for the Parental Control settings
  • * General:
  • - Added application updates for expired users
  • - Improved notifications display and compatibility with Windows 10
  • - Improved Settings to apply the same preferences in case the domain and local administrator are the same
  • - Improved display of Firewall notifications
  • * Backup: Improved status display for paused backups


  • * Parental Control:
  • - Fixed incompatibility with Minecraft Multiplayer
  • - Fixed cases of not blocking Internet Explorer


Build 15.1.306

Updated June 25, 2015 


  • * Backup:
  • - Redesigned the restore wizard
  • - Improved local cache logic
  • - Privacy enhancements in backup logs
  • * Antivirus:
  • - Improved restore from quarantine logic
  • - Improved Behavioral Engine logic for trusted MSI processes
  • * General:
  • - Improvements to ensure a smooth BullGuard migration when upgrading to Windows 10
  • - Improved usability when reinstalling BullGuard
  • * Firewall: Improved firewall method to deal with multiple digital signatures


  • * General:
  • - Fixed Chrome incompatibility issue
  • - Fixed installer to deploy for Windows XP SP2 users the compatible version


Build 15.1.305

Updated June 11, 2015 


  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Grouped the displayed processes in applications in Boot Manager to easier identify the ones that are the most resource intensive
  • - Boot Manager interface improvements to display long application names
  • - Scrollbar display improvements in Cleanup Helper
  • * General: Windows 10 compatibility improvements to notify Windows about the subscription validity
  • * Antivirus: Improved method to start scans


  • * Firewall: Fixed TomTom maps update issue


Build 15.1.304

Updated May 26, 2015 


  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Improved size folders calculation in Cleanup Helper
  • - Improved memory usage by Boot Manager
  • - Scrollbar display improvements in Cleanup Helper
  • * General:
  • - Windows 10 compatibility improvements
  • - Added extra security layers to obfuscate information used by the installer


  • * General: Fixed Internet Explorer crashes


Build 15.1.303

Updated May 5, 2015 


  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - Improved the processes listing, path display and multiple processes of the same application handling in Boot Manager
  • - Performance improvements of Boot Manager
  • * Firewall: Performance and stability enhancements by using an improved automatic program access


  • * PC Tune Up: Repaired cleanup of Mozilla Firefox cache
  • * General:
  • - Fixed World of Tanks install incompatibilities
  • - Fixed GTA 5 incompatibilities


Build 15.0.301

Updated April 17, 2015 


  • * Antivirus: Improved method of how Antivirus quarantines infected Outlook emails
  • * PC Tune Up: Improved stability of the Boot Manager feature
  • * General: Improved behavior of BullGuard maximize window on Windows tablets


  • * Firewall: Fixed Virtual Box internet issues


Build 15.0.300

Updated April 6, 2015 


  • * PC Tune Up:
  • - The Boot Manager feature was added to easily identify and adjust the applications that use most of the resources at computer start, making it slow
  • - Improved usability of Cleanup Helper while indexing the files and folders
  • * Antivirus: Enhanced Quarantine protection for files in folders without permissions for SYSTEM user
  • * Backup:
  • - Improved throttling mechanism so Backup uses less bandwidth in critical moments
  • - Improved the Backup authentication method and proxy configuration
  • * Safe Browsing: Improved display for the listed PDF files
  • * Firewall: Improved speed and stability of Firewall when automatically allowing applications
  • * General: OpenSSL upgrade


  • * Safe Browsing: fixed cases of not showing the “Safe” icons in Google Chrome
  • * Backup:
  • - Fixed "Choose new location" selection in localized product versions
  • - Fixed cases of inappropriate behavior of Backup when the file location was changed


Build 15.0.299

Updated March 26, 2015 


  • * Antivirus:
  • - Improved Behavioral Engine detection and reduced false positives by using MD5 calculation of executable image files at process load
  • - Improved quarantine by loading it at page open instead of application startup
  • * Firewall: Added firewall compatibility with Windows 10 Preview
  • * Backup:
  • - improved Backup performance by throttling the automatic backups so they don’t use all the bandwidth
  • - improved e-mail backup connectivity when performing a scheduled backup
  • * General:
  • - Closed opened file handles to logical drives
  • - Fixed drivers upgrade on Windows 10
  • - Improved Firewall and Behavioral Engine reporting in case of expired signed certificates


  • * Backup: Fixed continuous backup on Windows XP
  • * General:
  • - Fixed incompatibilities with Spybot
  • - Fixed incompatibility warning displayed twice in installer


Build 15.0.298

Updated March 18, 2015 


  • * Vulnerability Scanner:
  • - Extended details and options in the reports - vendor, paths, "Explore" file locations
  • - Improved detection of automatically runnable programs from removable devices, Microsoft XML Core Services updates and availability Windows Security updates
  • * Firewall: Improved rules to allow explicit local addresses
  • * Safe Browsing: Performance improvements for browsing
  • * General: UX improvements - Tab & Alt navigation, tiles display on large DPI screens and mouse behavior


  • * Vulnerability Scanner: Fixed recurrent notifications about disabled Vulnerability Scanner
  • * Firewall: Fixed TomTom maps update issue
  • * Antispam: Fixed Excel attachment emails being stuck in Outbox when having BullGuard signature on
  • * General: Fixed cases of updates displayed as never finishing


Build 15.0.297

Updated March 6, 2015 


  • * Vulnerability Scanner: Enhanced the functionality by identifying also the Metro applications' opened ports
  • * PC Tune Up: Improved memory consumption of the Cleanup Helper function
  • * General:
  • - Added feedback functionality in the main screen of the product
  • - Improvements to identify identical crashes


Build 15.0.296

Updated February 18, 2015 


  • * Vulnerability Scanner:
  • - Enhanced performance by delaying the automatic scans until system idle
  • - Improved usability by better reporting of the opened remote desktop port and IPv6 loopback address ports listening
  • * Firewall: Performance and stability enhancements by using an improved automatic program access


  • * Firewall: Allow access of domain controllers on remote managed systems
  • * Vulnerability Scanner: Show the Vulnerability Scanner reports without disrupting the user
  • * Cleanup Helper: Use consistent graphics in Cleanup Helper windows


Build 15.0.295

Updated February 10, 2015 


  • * Vulnerability Scanner:
  • - Improved invalid and unsigned drivers detection and reporting to the users
  • - Better filtering of open ports to display only the potential unwanted ones
  • - Added IPv6 open ports support
  • - Improved detection of open Wi-Fi connections
  • - Improved usability for the „Automatically run programs from removable devices (autorun.inf)” task
  • * General: Extended Bullguard v15 support for SSE2 non-compatible CPUs


  • * Antivirus: Improved quarantine results display
  • * Backup: Creating backup profiles when Windows Mail folders name contain special characters is now working properly.
  • * Backup: Fixed explorer.exe crashes on Vista while journaling
  • * Backup: Fixed versioning option persistence for local profiles
  • * Firewall: Improved firewall treatment for domain policies
  • * Installer: Improved virtual keyboard interaction on tablets


Build 15.0.294

Updated January 28, 2015 


  • * Vulnerability Scanner: changed the Vulnerability Scanner to assist user with assessing and solving the following issues:
  • - Check if the Windows updates are set to "automatically download and install"
  • - Check for automatic execution of media files (autorun.inf) on local hard drives and network hard drives
  • - Check if you are connected to a vulnerable Wi-Fi network
  • - Check if there are local servers that listen on the external IP
  • - Check if there are any drivers that are not digitally signed
  • - Check if there are available Windows updates and assist with installing the updates
  • * General: the user interface has been updated to accommodate the new Vulnerability Scanner module
  • * PC Tune Up: a Cleanup Helper feature has been added to easily identify and manage the largest files and folders on disk


  • * Antivirus: improved Behavioral Engine quarantine capabilities when renaming files
  • * Backup: switching from “External HDD” to “BullGuard Online Drive” in Backup settings is now working properly.
  • * Updater: various improvements for BullGuard background updater


Build 15.0.293

Updated January 21, 2015 


  • * Installer: Improved installer integration with Windows' Program Compatibility Assistant.
  • * Antivirus: More intuitive and easier to understand icons and messages for Behavioral anti-malware alerts
  • * Antivirus: Improved detection of malware installed in Windows start-up.
  • * General: Better detection of full screen applications and improved handling of notifications while in full screen mode


  • * Backup: Fixed issues when reading folder/connecting dialog were stuck on Windows XP SP3
  • * Backup: Fixed issues where future scheduled backup tasks timestamps were not displayed correctly
  • * Installer: BullGuard installer now correctly detects CPU-SSE2 compatible processors.
  • * General: Fixed Help links behavior


Build 15.0.291

Updated November 26, 2014 


  • * Firewall:​​ Small Firewall tweaks
  • * Backup: An intermediate "Connecting" screen has been added when opening the Online Drive


  • * Antivirus: Fixed an issue that was causing the behavioural engine to generate multiple entries in the Messaging Centre after reboot
  • * Antivirus: The "Protect Internet Options" setting now updates properly when turning Antivirus Protection on and off
  • * Firewall: Fixed an issue that was causing firewall rules to be incorrectly overwritten


Build 15.0.290

Updated November 18, 2014 


  • * Antivirus: Improved the remediation module.
  • * Backup: Improved the responsiveness when deleting files from the backup folders in Explorer.


  • * General: Fixed full screen detection when explorer.exe restarts (e.g.: after installing Daemon Tools).
  • * Internet Options Protection: Fixed an issue where restored entries remained in Quarantine until GUI restart.
  • * Backup: Fixed an issue where safe removal for removable devices was being stopped on Windows XP due to backups.
  • * Spam Filter: Fixed an issue where Outlook would crash under certain conditions.


Build 15.0.289

Updated November 9, 2014 


  • * General: Upgraded OpenSSL to the latest version.
  • * Spam Filter: Improved processing of undelivered emails.


  • * General: Fixed an issue with detecting fullscreen apps.
  • * Spam Filter: Fixed an issue for exporting emails containing other email messages as attachments.
  • * Internet Options Protection: Multiple fixes in monitoring of the hosts file and toolbar installations.
  • * Firewall: Fixed an issue in which some Blackberry devices were being blocked by the firewall.


Build 15.0.288

Updated October 23, 2014 


  • * General: Internet Options Protection is now out of beta, and is available to all users. New feature "Protect Internet Options" stops potentially unwanted apps from modifying your internet settings, such as proxy, Internet Explorer homepage, hosts file.


  • * Firewall: Fixed an issue on Windows XP that might allow hackers to leverage a Windows bug in order to create an exploit. Credit and special thanks go out to Parvez Anwar (@ParvezGHH) for discovering this issue.
  • * General: The systray icon is no longer animated 30 days before the product expires.
  • * General: Fixed an issue that caused some UI elements to show on the desktop after boot.
  • * General: Fixed inconsistency issues between the Weekly Reports and the Antivirus logs.
  • * Backup: Fixed an issue where the Proxy Settings button was overlapped with the Self Protection text.
  • * Firewall: Fixed an issue where the firewall was blocking some local UPnP traffic.


Build 14.1.287

Updated October 13, 2014 


  • * General: BullGuard now detects when the PC is in fullscreen mode, and suppresses all alerts and updates until fullscreen mode is exited.
  • * General: BullGuard updates are postponed when the PC resources usage is high, or the device is on battery power.
  • * General: BullGuard updates are less frequent on slow systems.


  • * General: [BETA] Internet Options Protection. Fixed an issue that caused alerts to show after reboot even if the user has allowed them.
  • * Antivirus: Fixed an issue that caused the "On" switch for the Antivirus to not work properly in some remote conditions.
  • * Backup: Fixed an issue that cause the restore of certain emails to not work properly on Outlook 2007.
  • * Firewall: Processes started from mapped network drives are no longer blocked.
  • * General: multiple other minor bug fixes across all modules


Build 14.1.286

Updated October 2, 2014 


  • * General: An option has been added to allow users early access to BETA features. You can find it under Settings -> General
  • * General: [BETA] Internet Options Protection. A new feature that will safeguard system and Internet options against rogue apps that may try to change them.
  • * General: Performance improvements. Users should notice even less impact on system performance from BullGuard


  • * Firewall: Fixed an issue that caused incompatibilities with some Adobe installers
  • * Backup: Fixed an issue that was causing the backup process to fail when encountering an e-mail folder with an unsupported character set
  • * Safe Browsing: Facebook checkmarks are now properly displayed in Chrome
  • * General: multiple other minor bug fixes across all modules


Build 14.1.285

Updated September 17, 2014 


  • * General: The BullGuard icon in the system tray was updated and now animates when actions are in progress or notifications are pending.


  • * Main interface: The "View Report" and "Manage" buttons were not properly displayed on some computers.
  • * Main interface: Pressing "View Report" on the backup tile was opening the wrong MC tab.
  • * Messaging Center: The "View report" button for Vulnerability Scanner messages was not shown if the plugin was run twice in a row.


Build 14.1.284

Updated September 1, 2014 


  • * Firewall: Great speed improvements for local connections (localhost).


  • * Firewall: Fixed several issues with VPN connections.
  • * General: Fixed an isolated issue that caused BullGuard to use significant system resources in some exotic scenarios.
  • * Safe Browsing: Safe Results are now properly shown on Google in Internet Explorer 8.


Build 14.1.283

Updated August 28, 2014 


  • * Main interface: BullGuard Backup now has the new interface design, aligned with the Internet Security design.
  • * Licensing: BullGuard Backup is now FREE to use! All offline features are unlocked, and online space is available via subscriptions.
  • * Main interface: The number of scheduled backups are always shown in the Backup tile.
  • * Backup: Outlook 2013 is now supported for email backup.
  • * Backup: The "Synchronize my backup" option is now checked by default when creating a new profile.
  • * Backup: You can now edit files directly from the UNITY folder.
  • * Backup: Backup folders are now password-protected against other users on your computer.
  • * Backup: Improved the handling of removable devices.
  • * Backup: Numerous bug fixes and reliability improvements.


  • * Antivirus: Performance improvements.


  • * Antivirus: The Real time scanner no longer blocks the installation of NVidia Graphics Driver.
  • * Backup: The Online Drive icons are now properly displayed after updating from older versions.



Build 14.1.282

Updated July 29, 2014 


  • * Main interface: BullGuard now starts maximized! You can also use the new maximize button to resize the interface to the old size.
  • * Antivirus: When an USB storage device is inserted, a notification will show that BullGuard is scanning that device.


  • * Antivirus: Performance improvements.


Build 14.1.281

Updated May 15, 2014 


  • * Weekly Reports: Discover this feature in BullGuard's Messaging Center and see what BullGuard has done for you each week!
  • * Tooltips: We've added tooltips across the whole interface, to make everything easier to understand.
  • * Safe Browsing lists: You can now manage the Whitelist, Blacklist and Current Session for Safe Browsing in the Settings.
  • * Update Notifications: When BullGuard updates to a new version, a notification will show, offering the option to see the release notes.


  • * Antivirus: Caching improvements will speed up the scanning.
  • * Performance: Reduced the impact on system performance.
  • * Backup: You can now edit files directly from the UNITY folder.
  • * Backup: Backup folders are now password-protected against other users on your computer.
  • * Backup: Improved the handling of removable devices.
  • * Main interface: Improved the user experience by adding visual aids such as arrows and gradient edges.
  • * Main interface: Added a shortcut "Manage rules" for the Firewall tile.
  • * Main interface: Now it's possible to use the combo menu while a progress bar is showing.
  • * Main interface: Added a shortcut "View ignored" for the Vulnerability Scanner.
  • * Settings: Now the settings switches have a green color when ON.
  • * Settings: The Safe Browsing options were moved into their own category, under Antivirus.
  • * Messaging Center: All messages and notifications were split into different tabs, for easier browsing.
  • * Messaging Center: Added a button "More info" to access details for the Firewall reports inside Messaging Center.