Ransomware is still around, banking trojans are on the rise and cryptomining malware is as prolific as ever.

Two reports that look at malware incidents, flagged up these trends while also highlighting the general growth of malware.

The top three malware packages detected globally last month were:
  • Coinhive, a JavaScript in-browser Monero miner that is often used to hijack internet users systems to mine Monero without permission
  • Cryptoloot a competitor to Coinhive
  • Dorkbot, a banking trojan worm designed to allow remote code execution and also enable additional malware implementation

Banking trojan incidents climbed by 50 percent over the last four months while ransomware increased more than 200 percent globally with 181.5 million attacks detected since January.

There was a similar rise in banking trojans last summer and this year’s rise could signal attempts by hackers to cash in on the summer holiday period with tourists paying less attention to online safety.

For instance, this could be accessing online banking across shared devices and using less secure connections.

Globally there was a 102% increase in malware. Breaking this figure down Europe witnessed a 157% increase, the UK a 329% increase and Germany a 108% increase.

In terms of specific countries being attacked:
  • The UK ranked 113
  • Belgium 108
  • France 84
  • Germany 120
  • United States 109

Many attacks take place across Asia and Russia but equally the Western world is regularly in cyber thieves’ cross hairs.

You can never slacken when it comes to online security.