There are many benefits to using a virtual private network (VPN) when travelling abroad whether for business or pleasure. 

Bypassing restrictions

As a result of local regulations, some travellers will find that popular websites they use at home can't be accessed in the country they are visiting. We tend to think of China and Russia as prolific censors but licensing issues in countries such as the UK, US or even further afield such as Australia can result in your favourite websites being inaccessible.  

A VPN, however, enables you to bypass these restrictions. A VPN uses a secure server that is located in a different country that masks your IP address. This VPN connection enables you to bypass restrictions and has continued access to your favourite websites and online services wherever you are.

Get better travel deals

It’s a given that businesses use our online data to deliver targeted advertisements which mirrors our online browsing across different websites. However, when looking to travel this can lead to price discrimination depending on the country you are travelling from. For instance, airlines in Norway may have higher prices for flights to New Delhi than the same flights from the UK.

But because a VPN masks your country of origin you can often find lower price flights. In essence, you are overriding location-focused targeting which can price flights based on your browsing history and location. Because BullGuard VPN encrypts your data, companies can’t access it which leaves you free to search for the best deals… and you could save a fairly substantial amount.

Safe public Wi-Fi access

Public Wi-Fi access has become so common around the world that without access to it you can feel almost bereft. When abroad, you’ll find free wireless hotspots in bars, cafes, hotels and even shopping malls, and you’ll probably depend on it too. But there is an element of vulnerability in using these hotspots. These free networks are largely unprotected and crafty online attackers can and do try to access the information running over the networks looking for ID authentication data.

Hackers use different techniques such as Wi-Fi sniffing. Some will try to plant malware on your device which gathers the information it has been programmed to collect passwords and payment card numbers and then send it to an attacker's server. This makes a VPN essential if you want to safely access online services that require ID authentication from a free Wi-Fi hotspot such as email addresses, social media, shopping, car hire, hotel booking and more.


No one wants to travel abroad and experience the headache of being hacked. It not only disrupts the travel but it can be costly too. A BullGuard VPN keeps you safe from attackers, ensures you can circumvent restrictions, cut costs, secure your data and use free Wi-Fi hotspot safe in the knowledge that you are absolutely protected.

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