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BullGuard beats back all the cyber spooks with the best protection you can get

by Steve Bell

Sony Bravia smart TVs need patching

If you’ve got a Sony Bravia smart TV and you’ve changed its default settings you may need to upload a firmware update. You can do this by visiting the Download section of the TV's product page and check it's running the firmware update.

by BullGuard

BullGuard makes its mark in the Fierce gaming scene

BullGuard is providing team sponsorship for Fierce PC’s recently launched UK-based Fierce Esports organisation. Fierce PC is a bespoke builder of gaming rigs, for all levels of gamers, and esportsesports is a rapidly growing industry in the UK.

by Steve Bell

NewsNow passwords hacked

If you’re a news junkie there’s a good chance you check NewsNow frequently. You might even have an account with this aggregated news content service which gives you the latest lowdown in even the most obscure of areas.

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