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Removal of explorer.exe virus

Posted 2/17/2005 2:12 PM
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suri Member

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There was some problem of speed in My Computer, when I was monitoring the Windows Task Manager’s Process List and I found explorer.exe. Does any one knows about explorer ? Is it any system process or user process ? I have been using Norton Antivirus and it has not detected it as virus or worm, so is it related to any spy ware? Please tell me how this file explorer.exe showed up and how can I remove this explorer.exe process and will it generate any windows error ? Is there any explorer.exe removal tool or utility available ?
Posted 2/17/2005 2:21 PM
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eagle Advanced member

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I keep thinking no,

but to be sure I would do a google search on it. But to be safe go to and download ad-aware se personal, it's free, updateable and it removes spyware. I'm thinking it's a process but again do research before you delete.

Eagle :smilewinkgrin:
Posted 2/19/2005 8:53 AM
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WhatsUp Member

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Umm, as far as I am aware, explorer.exe is a windows application. you remove that and you
will have to re install windows.

U get that? IT IS A SYSTEM FILE.

Unless an Anti-Virus app says it is infected, do NOT delete it.

Posted 2/19/2005 2:17 PM
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eagle Advanced member

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Yes Whasup I knew that but the pourpose of that was to get the person to research his OS without embarrasing them.

Eagle :smilewinkgrin:
Posted 2/22/2005 9:23 AM
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pinkpanther Member

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Had a similar problem recently

Last week my son picked up trojans/viruses from a dodgy gaming site. With difficulty we eventually managed to delet the trojans. However from then on IE kept crashing etc.

Same as you when I looked at runnung processe explorer.exe was using lots of memory all the time even when nothing was being done on the computer.

I ran avg/adware/spybot and nothing came up.

I then downloaded the new microsoft beta antispyware and it did pick some other things up which I deleted. It also showed suspicious browser helper objects which it wouldnt let me delete.

However I did delete a file related to the BHO "glufxaoa.dll" which was located in system 32 file I think.

Now that was last week and my system is running very smoothly now and no more internet explorer crashes and no more detected trojans

Interestingly though today I updated AVG and ran a full scan, it found trojan which was actually located in the recycle bin and it was infact the glufxaoa.dll that i had manually sent to recycle bin last week.

Hope this helps and maker sense!
Posted 2/22/2005 8:14 PM
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eagle Advanced member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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It does make sense, and it probably will help.

Eagle :smilewinkgrin:
Posted 9/19/2007 11:55 AM
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Maximillian Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Sorry that you got flamed by some people in this forum. These attitudes never cease to amaze me.

The explorer.exe is a process; however, it is also a Trojan. has an excellent removal process at this link:

We've found multiple infections in a few machines over the years. It's known as the dlder.exe Trojan and it drops another "explorer.exe" file in a separate folder, normally in 'C:\Windows\explorer\Explorer.exe'.

Please note that you have a legitimate original "explorer.exe" in 'C:\Windows\explorer.exe'

It also drops a startup file in your registry so it will run silently at startup...normally in your Local Machine Registry: [HKLM\SOFTWARE\games\Clicktilluwin]. However; we have also found the Clicktilluwin entry in ‘HKCU’ over the past few months. That said, you should do a search find on your total registry for the phrase 'Clicktilluwin'. Go to the link above and follow's manual removal, then search your regedit for the 'Clicktilluwin' reg-key and you should be fine.

Anytime that you have explorer.exe running over....say....25,000K to 30,000K in the task manager, it's usually indicative of infection.

Hope this helps.

Posted 4/20/2008 11:24 AM
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Adi Mahacita Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Its really disturbing huh.
My flash drive get one.
I hope the links that given here can help me to solve this problem.
I've try the tips in, but its not work.

Hey I found cool link for you.
Posted 1/7/2009 12:58 AM
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Georgia49 Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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I think I have the explorer.exe virus though I'm not certain it's manifesting itself in the same way as reported here. I get a message (actually a very intrusive warning) that my computer is infected with a virus and I need to run antivirus software. It then boots modzilla firefox and takes me to a web site trying to sell antivirus software. At first this was happening infrequently, but now it is incessant. I re-installed updated MacCaffe software, and though it blocks the program from bringing up the browser, I still get messages over and over - another pops up as soon as I terminate one-. The only reason I suspect explorer.exe is that I made certain I had no other applications running and then brought my computer down. The system sent a message saying it needed to terminate explorer.exe and then another saying it was a non-responsive program. Has anyone else experienced anything similar associated with the explorer.exe virus/trojan ??? Does anyone know if it is a real security threat or just a nuisance?? Thanks
Posted 1/16/2009 4:32 PM
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peterap Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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I face the exact problem as Georgia49. Please let me know if you find any solution?

Posted 1/29/2009 5:05 PM
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alumni Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Hi guys,

I've analysed my situation with explorer.exe crash. I have discovered an unwelcome file named "LDAP32.DLL" in the Windows\System32 directory, which was connected to the crashes. After removing this file - which is not original to Windows - my explorer.exe issues were solved.

Hope this suits you well! :)

Best regards,

Posted 10/8/2009 10:20 PM
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Ashgen Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Hello, I need some help.

I am infected with a Explorer.exe virus, but probably not the same as this one. My virus i dont think is a "dlder" virus, but an actual change to the "Explorer.exe" file. All that this virus is doing is making my computer almost completely worthless, in essence a 400$ paper weight. It will NOT open IE, Windows Explorer, or ANY .exe files for that manner without me going into the (CTRL+ALT+DEL) Splash Screen (Vista =[ ) multiple times and cussing and praying to open. When i was letting my friend use my computer, he had the smart idea to download a "Portal KEYGEN PRO.exe" file from Frostwire... Smart huh? oh well. i didnt now that this was a virus, i thought that my computer was just bogged down constantly (although i had no other files open) until i noticed explorer.exe taking up an ungodly amount of memory ( it has maxed out at 126, 329k) wich i noticed from the start was bad, so i opened my antivirus (AVG scanner) and my adware detectors, but with no luck (although my adware stuff found 10 different smaller trojans) i still have my problem. so, i tried to shut down explorer.exe and keep my taskmanager open to open new tasks and such, and to my horror (or relief, whatever u may call it) i used start new task and typed "iexplore.exe" and BANG! open, and homepage there as soon as i hit enter. so, i started back up "explorer.exe" and all the sudden my computer freaks out with windows of different things, mostly just .exe's i had tried to open, and then my AVG popped up saying "roguesting=something", i forgot what it said, and didnt do anything about it. After my AVG scanned and found it, my computer got 5x worse. now, my touchpad (laptop) and keyboard are very tempermental, it has taken me about 22 minutes to type this message. i have no problem opening things such as Javascripts, (i play private servers, not going to say due to copyright reasons)

I used the methods to find the viruses in this post to no avail. I have searched every possible way to do this, but have not found any. i will include screenshots of my programs and taskmanager parts (with just iexplore and explore.exe running im using 100% cpu usage) and i would love to have this problem fixed. if you find a solution, please email me or im me at:


Please, any help would be appreciated, even if it is to say that my computer is junk =[ and cannot be fixed.

Thanks for you time,

-Ashgen, 5th command of the ODST Roughneckz.


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Posted 10/9/2009 3:16 AM
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Touch Advanced member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Hello Ashgen and welcome :smile:

Please follow this guide:


Follow the instructions and copy the logs here, in this Topic.

[color=black face="Courier New" sab="311">[2]Click here: Before-posting-a-log[/2][/url]

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />[/color]
Do not PM me with logfiles. They will be deleted.

Posted 7/5/2010 6:22 AM
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Mrinal Dhar Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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explorer.exe is a system environment file. It is responsible for displaying all the icons on your desktop, your taskbar and other applications like the "My Computer". You can safely "kill" the explorer.exe process by using the Task Manager, and you'll see that all your icons and taskbar disappear. You can then create a new task from the applications tab in the task manager, named explorer.exe

I hope now you understand the importance of the process and deleting it will cause damage to your pc. If you delete it, you'll have to provide windows with the Setup CD or DVD of windows so that it can copy the explorer.exe file back into the SYSTEM32 subfolder of WINDOWS folder..

Hope you found it useful

Always ready to help
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