by BullGuard

Work and pleasure don’t go together

In the almost post-pandemic world of remote working it’s easier than ever to blur the boundaries between work and personal tech. It could be sending personal texts or emails from your work phone, editing personal documents or photos on your work laptop, or Zooming with friends from your work tablet.

by Alexandra Gheorghe

Over 100 million smart devices are vulnerable to attack

Security vulnerabilities in millions of Internet of Things devices (IoT) have been discovered that could allow cyber criminals to knock devices offline or take control of them remotely. Over 100 million consumer, enterprise and industrial IoT devices are potentially affected.

by BullGuard

The importance of choosing a good VPN

Following the pandemic and its attendant tsunami of phishing emails, skanky scams and online skulduggery, VPNs (virtual private networks) became embedded on the cyber security radar. Previously the preserve of enterprises and savvy smaller businesses many consumers thought VPNs were technically complex and definitely not for home use.

by BullGuard

Lunar 4G is just a few moon walks away

Parts of the world may struggle to get 4G mobile but that’s not put NASA off from turning to telco giant Nokia to establish a 4G network on the moon. 4G has established its resilience with live streaming from the top of Everest and connecting oil rigs, but the moon?