• Google docs is being used to deliver malware

    The comment features in Google Docs is being exploited by hackers to spread malicious spam and phishing messages.

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  • Fake banking texts and delivery scams

    Fake texts claiming to be from the UK’s NatWest bank stating that ‘a new device has been registered’ with your account are circulating. The texts provide a link for a recipient to follow. The text is convincing because it doesn’t contain obvious mistakes such as poor grammar or misspellings.

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  • Top tips to help keep the kids safe in times of remote schooling

    To lockdown or not to lockdown. This is the question… that has been baffling educational authorities the world over and also causing headaches to parent’s the world over. During lockdown, remote schooling becomes the norm and given the persistent uncertainty about the impact of different Covid variations it is here to stay for some time yet.

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