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  • Next Gen Anti-Malware

    We raised the bar, then raised it again.

  • Game Booster

    Makes gaming even more fun.

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Next gen anti-malware

Welcome to the new era of protection.

Our next gen anti-malware gives you intelligent triple layer protection. One, it recognizes trusted sites and applications.

Two, it continually scans code for signature and anomalies associated with malware.

Three, any malware it detects is locked down in quarantine and then neutralized before infection can take place. It’s like a sentry who never sleeps, constantly on the alert for intruders.

Game Booster

Enjoy your game uninterrupted!

Game Booster optimizes CPU performance while blocking pop-ups and other annoying interruptions. You’ll enjoy noticeably smoother gaming without any lag.

Now you can stay fully protected while you kick it up to the next level. It’s game on!

Patent pending technology

Parental Control

Rules must sometimes be enforced!

Are your children spending time alone on the computer? Not sure what websites the Internet takes them to?

With our Parental Control module, you can block access to suspicious websites, put search filters in place, limit your kids’ time online, monitor their activity and even block certain applications.


Our new firewall’s on steroids!

BullGuard’s new firewall gives you added layers of heavy duty protection against malware and intruders. Fully optimized for Windows (10), it even tracks security updates. It also uses less CPU power, so your other applications run smoothly.

Its enhanced features include Application Filtering—giving end-to-end protection before, during, and after you download apps. The firewall also blocks unauthorized attempts to connect a device to the Internet. It’s like a virtual moat guarding your devices and keeping marauders at bay.

Vulnerability Scanner

Eliminates loopholes to keep you secure!

Vulnerability Scanner keeps you safe by blocking access points hackers like to exploit. It automatically alerts you to missing security updates, or connections to insecure Wi-Fi networks. It also prevents applications that could contain malware from downloading automatically and checks applications and drivers have valid digital signatures.

Additionally, it cross references your network protocol against your ISP’s profile and runs checks on network encryption. Sounds complicated? That’s because it is, but don’t worry—we’ve got your back.

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BullGuard Internet Security

All-in-one protection for you, your family and all your devices.

Buy Now or Free Download 2-MONTH TRIAL
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  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 30 days Money Back
  • Free Support

Tech specs

Operating System
Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista.
Mac OS X 10.11 or later
Android Tablets and Phones, Android 4.0 and higher
Technical Requirement
Hard Disk: 850 MB free space
Internet connection: Dial-up minimum
English, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese,
German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian,
Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese


BullGuard provides industry-leading protection. It consistently ranks highly in independent tests and incorporates innovative multi-layered defences that block all forms of malware. Added to this a raft of other features that protect your children, ensure your computer operates at optimal performance and more. We have won many awards and are consistently ranked top when our products are tested by independent labs. We are always innovating too; for instance our protection is multi-layered combining traditional signature-based protection with behavioural-based protection to guard against both known threats and new outbreaks of malware. Industry-leading malware detection rates and layered protection mean BullGuard protection is simply the best. Importantly BullGuard is extremely easy to use thanks to an elegantly simple interface while it also provides Parental Controls to help you keep the children safe online.
BullGuard Internet Security won’t affect your performance – but it might improve it. BullGuard Internet Security has been designed to adapt to the specifications of your computer. When installing it takes note of the computers features and only uses those resources that the computer can afford to release. On top of this, additional features such as PC Tune Up, which includes Cleanup Helper and Boot Manager, are designed to improve your computer’s performance by identifying hungry applications and processes that you don’t use but could be eating up system resources.
Free antivirus only offers half the protection you get from BullGuard. Free antivirus software typically provides a bare minimum level of protection. It will scan for malware, and can often perform automatic scans. Some free apps may have additional protection tools such as a browser add-on that checks for bad website links but these are rare. Free antivirus doesn’t have high virus detection rates compared to BullGuard. BullGuard Antivirus fuses signature-based protection and behaviour-based protection to provide layered defences which safeguards against all known viruses and newly created malware, otherwise known as zero-day threats. Free antivirus is also significantly scaled down and lacks the many comprehensive security features that you get with BullGuard such as a firewall, vulnerability scans, spam filters, parental controls, optimised computer performance, free backup and more. Finally, with free antivirus you don’t get support, unlike BullGuard’s FREE 24/7 expert help.
Of course, it’s designed to identify and protect against all potential threats. When you make an online payment the transaction is protected by high levels of encryption. Hackers don’t try and break this encryption; it would take far too much time and far too much effort. Rather, they attempt to ‘phish’ the details from you via emails, or insert malware that records your key stroke taps, or direct you to fake web sites that are designed to capture your personal information. BullGuard stops all of these and other data filching methods by either flagging up potential attacks or stopping malware in it's tracks.
BullGuard Internet Security is a comprehensive security suite. Antivirus and firewall are fundamental to cyber security however, they are only the basics. BullGuard Internet Security delivers a lot more, from behavioural-based detection to antispam filters, a vulnerability scanner to detect out-of-date software that could be exploited by hackers, free and powerful backup to keep your files safe in the event of a system crash or even computer loss, powerful parental controls, a feature that stops unwanted applications from hijacking your browser and it also automatically optimizes your PC's performance in the background.
You can continue to play games at a blistering pace without any impact on performance. Many software security suites slow your gaming performance down and to get back up to speed some security features have to be turned off. BullGuard, mindful of this, allows you to continue to game without any impact on performance, while also remaining fully protected.
All BullGuard products are designed with the user in mind, which means BullGuard Internet Security is elegantly simple to navigate. One of the most striking things you will notice about BullGuard Internet Security is its effective and pleasing design. The dashboard interface is so simple to navigate and use, it’s impossible to get confused. All features are clearly marked, as well as the actions that you can take.
BullGuard parental controls allow you to discretely protect your children. BullGuard parental control is extremely comprehensive. A Privacy Control List allows you to stop certain things being shared such as your home address or phone number. This is especially important for children using social media platforms, given that they can inadvertently give out phone numbers and addresses, exposing them to unwanted attentions. It’s well known that predators use social media platforms to identify and stalk potential targets. You can restrict internet usage by setting schedules and also block websites according to the categories you define. It reports all websites blocked by category and all attempts to use the computer outside of the schedule. The report also includes a list of all sites visited, programs blocked, programs that accessed the Internet, attempts at transmitting private data, and more. It can also block various IM systems, including browser-based chat. Further, your child can’t evade any filters that are set by using a ‘secure anonymizing proxy.’ Kids typically circumvent parental filters using this method, though they may not be familiar with the jargon. In short, BullGuard parental controls enable you to stay in control of your kid’s online activities without being heavy-handed.
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