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How do I install/use my subscription on another computer?

Before installing BullGuard on an additional computer, make sure you have your account details at hand.

  1. Verify them by attempting a login on the BullGuard My Account page. Once you have logged in here you can go ahead and install BullGuard as described below.
    Should you not remember your password, please click on the Forgot your password link and go through the password recovery steps. A complete guide on how you can reset your password can be found here.

    Should you not remember your username, please open the BullGuard application on your PC and select SETTINGS > General. You will see it there, as exemplified in the below screenshot. You can open the application from Start > All Programs > BullGuard and clicking on the BullGuard icon.

    Account panel


  2. Scroll down to the My Subscription section once you have logged in on the My Account page and click on the Download button corresponding to the product you wish to install.

  3. Follow the rest of the steps from the installation guide. Should you receive an error when trying to login that you have already reached the maximum installation number, please visit this guide to learn how to manage your BullGuard installations.

    Note: If you have a licence key and have already activated it when installing BullGuard on the first PC, you cannot use it again because a license key is meant to be used just one time, to add a given subscription period to an account. All you need to do to use BullGuard on your computer is login in the BullGuard application with the username you registered the key for. To do so follow the steps from this guide.


Should you require any further assistance you can browse through the rest of our FAQs here or click on the Get help button below and start a LiveChat or send us an email.

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