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How do I configure the BullGuard settings on my device?

As soon as BullGuard applications install, they are ready to go, following the principle "plug and play" - you do not even need to restart the device.

There are a few settings you can personalize in BullGuard Internet Security and Premium Protection:



     To schedule a Quick / Full / Customized scan, check this guide: Antivirus Profiles.

     If you are a developer, you need to setup your work environment to be excepted from scans.
     You also need to except applications from scan, if they update often and sometimes with unsigned files.
     You can find out how from here: Antivirus Settings.

Setting up a backup profile is the responsible thing to do.
     You can choose One Drive, Dropbox, Online Drive or even a local hard-disk for your backup.

     Parental Control
     If you share your computer with children, then create a separate Windows account, with User permission.
     Use BullGuard to control web filtering, access, applications and even specific data, like credit cards.


     The settings of the BullGuard app are controlled from the Mobile Security Manager platform.

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