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How do I run an initial scan with BullGuard?

After you install BullGuard, we recommend you to start the following scans:



     Full Antivirus Scan
     Open the BullGuard Antivirus application from Finder > Applications and click Full Scan


     Full Antivirus Scan
     Open the BullGuard Mobile Security app, tap Antivirus then Scan my device



     Full Antivirus Scan
    Open the BullGuard program and from the Antivirus box click on the  button, then on Full Scan.
    Finish by following the recommendations displayed at the end of the scan. 
    Information on how to run different types of manual scans is located here: Scan for viruses.

     PC Tune Up     
    From the PC Tune Up box and click on Optimize.
    Finish by following the recommendations displayed at the end of the scan.
    More information on how to optimize your PC here: Run PC Tune Up
     From the Vulnerabilities box, click on the button    and click "Status". 
     Follow the recommendations displayed within the status monitor window. 

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