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How do I configure spam settings in Windows Live Mail / Windows Mail (email client) ?

Junk Email Options

Windows Live Mail has "adaptive" spam filters built in, which means the Junk folder gets better with time at recognizing what you consider junk emails, based on your input.

If you are still using* Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail to manage your webmail email accounts, configuring your spam settings is possible by accessing the corresponding Options dialog:

   - Windows Live Mail: go to Actions > Junk E-Mail > Safety Options.
   - Windows Mail: go to Tools > Junk E-Mail Options.
The options in this dialog are similar to those in the Junk Email Options dialog from Microsoft Outlook.

If an unwanted message reaches your Inbox, you can mark it as junk and add the address to a blocked senders list by selecting the message, right-clicking and selecting Junk E-Mail > Add Sender to Blocked Sender List.
 Starting with January 2017, Microsoft has stopped development and distribution of its Windows Essentials suite, which included Windows Live Mail. However, it remains a convenient email client for Windows 7 or Windows Vista (a new Mail client is available in Windows 10).

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