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How do I uninstall BullGuard from my computer?

Follow one of these methods to uninstall BullGuard.


Option 1. Uninstall BullGuard from Control Panel:

a. For Windows Vista and 7: Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features.


b. For Windows 8 and 10 press the Windows key from your keyboard, type in Control Panel and press Enter.


Next locate BullGuard in the list. Select it, click on the Uninstall button and go through the Uninstall wizard prompts.




For a more complete guide including the uninstall wizard, please visit this link.


Option 2. Uninstall using the Uninst.exe tool on the PC:

Go to Start and click on “Computer” > then double the C:\ drive > Program Files > BullGuard LTD> BullGuard and run the Uninst.exe file by double clicking it.




Go through the Uninstall wizard and restart your computer when prompted to complete the uninstall.

For a more detailed guide, please visit this link.


Note about keeping the settings

The Keep Setting option saves all Antivirus and Backup profiles, Firewall configuration, application settings and the Spamfilter white and blacklists. Saving your preferences is recommended if you plan to reinstall BullGuard and would like to avoid going through seting up BullGuard all over again.


Should you require any further assistance you can browse through the rest of our FAQs here or click on the Get help button below and start a LiveChat or send us an email.

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