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How do I use Parental Control?

What is Parental Control?

It protects your children from inappropriate content and dubious sites, limits their time on the Internet, monitors their online behavior and helps them keep their personal details to themselves.

How does it work?

The module is based on unique profiles that specify blocked content, computer or internet access schedules and blacklisted information that they cannot use online.

How do I use it?

  1. Make sure that your child does not know your BullGuard password.
  2. Create a Windows user account for your child, in case one is not already available. It is recommended that the child’s Windows account is a Standard one, not an Administrator one.
  3. Open the BullGuard application, click on the (…) button from the Parental Control box and choose Add Profile.




  4. Create a Parental Control profile.
  5. Check the reports to find what exact applications and websites were blocked by the Parental Control.

For more information and images, please check the complete Parental Control guide available here.


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