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How do I use your backup to share online files?

The BullGuard program allows you to share files from your computer or from your Online Drive with anyone you wish.

In order to do this, right click on the file you wish to share, and select Backup with BullGuard > Share with Friends.


Select whether you wish to send the link through email automatically or to have the link displayed to you, choose how long the file should be available for and click on Share.

Alternatively you can share files that are already uploaded to your Online Drive. To do that, you will need to access your Account section on our website and click on My Online Backup.

You will then be able to see the contents of your Online Drive. Tick the box next to the file you wish to share, then click on Share and choose the options you wish for sharing the file.


The person who receives your shared file will not be required to enter any login details, they will have direct access to your file. They will not be able to see any other details from your Online Drive.

If you should decide that you wish to cancel the sharing, after the sharing email has been sent or after you have given the share link to someone, you can delete the file in question from your Online Drive in order to make it unavailable.


Should you require any further assistance you can browse through the rest of our FAQs here or click on the Get help button below and start a LiveChat or send us an email.
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