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How do I configure spam settings in Yahoo Mail (webmail)?

Yahoo Mail’s spam filter

Yahoo Mail’s filtering system, SpamGuard, is automatically enabled to protect your account. Messages it identifies as spam are moved to a Spam folder in your account and are automatically deleted after they have been in the folder for 30 days.
It is advisable check your Spam folder every once in a while, to make sure that nothing more than unwanted mail is sent there. To mark a message as Not Spam, select the message and click Not Spam.

Filtering unwanted emails

To make sure your computer and network are as protected as possible, it is advisable to mark unwanted emails as spam whenever they reach your Inbox.
You can mark an email in your Yahoo Mail account as spam by following the steps below:
  1. Select the unwanted message.
  2. Click on Spam. Alternately, select one of the options available through the arrow next to Spam, to provide information about the message:

   - Report Spam – use this option to mark unsolicited emails.
   - Report a Hacked Account – use for reporting emails coming from a contact’s account that are unusual (e.g. invitations to click on links).
   - Report a Phishing Scam – use for emails that seem to come from legitimate organizations, but are asking you for personal information, such as banking details.
   - Not My Mail: use to indicate that an email you received was intended for a different account owner.

Creating a filter

New filters you create in Yahoo Mail affect future emails received, and not the ones already in your account. To create a new filter:
  1. Go to   > Settings > Filters.
          2. Click on Add. A new window opens:
                  3. Enter a name for your filter and set the rules, then choose where to move it.
        4. Click Save to save your new filter.

Blocking an address

To add an email address to the blocked addresses list:
  1. Go to  > Settings > Blocked Addresses.

      2.  In the Add an address field, enter the desired address click on Block. Click Save to exit the settings.

Note:    You can unban an address by removing it from Blocked addresses.
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