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Troubleshooting installation… ??

Before installing BullGuard please make sure that you have removed/uninstalled all other security software from the computer you are planning to install on.

To learn how to uninstall an application

To do this go to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features(in case you are running Windows XP the option will be called Add or Remove programs) and locate the security application in the list. Select it and use the Uninstall button.

Follow the uninstall prompts and restart your computer at the end.


I receive a prompt about conflicting software
In case you have not uninstalled them prior to installing BullGuard the following prompt appears:




Proceed with uninstalling the conflicting software either via the BullGuard prompt or the steps from the previous entry.


I receive a prompt regarding the presence of Agnitum Firewall Driver:

  1. Learn if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system type, by following the steps from this guide:
  2. Click on the link from below which corresponds to your system type and choose to save the file on the desktop:
    a) 32-bit:
    b) 64-bit:
  3. Restart your computer in Safe Mode by following the instructions from here.
  4. Then unpack the actuall tool from the .zip archive by right clicking it and choosing “Extract all..”.
  5. Finally run the tool by double clicking it. In the dialog window that will open, confirm that you want to uninstall the Agnitum software by clicking the Yes button.
  6. After the uninstallation is completed your computer will be restarted automatically.
  7. Try to install BullGuard again.


I received a prompt about Microsoft Logo testing not passed.

In this case you are on a Windows XP computer and you need to solve the issue by right clicking on the My Computer icon and selecting Properties.

Access the Hardware subsection and press Driver Signing.

In the new prompt make sure that the option is set to Warn and accept the change. Then retry the BullGuard installation.


I receive a “Cannot connect to download server error(12037) ” message

In this case please check the date and time on the computer by clicking on it in the lower right corner of the screen and pressing Change Date and time Settings.

Correct both the time and date , then attempt a new install.


Should you require any further assistance you can browse through the rest of our FAQs here or click on the Get help button below and start a LiveChat or send us an email.

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