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What's dropped in BullGuard 2018?

Social Media Protection

Why was the Social Media Protection application retired?
Due to continuous policy changes made by Facebook during the past years, it has become impossible for us to access the information needed for flagging any social media threats.  As a result, we had to regretfully discontinue the Social Media Protection feature.
Can I still use Social Media Protection until the end of my subscription?
No, the Social Media Protection feature will be removed from My BullGuard Account and from Facebook once BullGuard Premium Protection 2018 edition is launched. 
Will I still have access to previous Social Media Protection reports?
No. The Social Media Protection tab will be completely removed from My BullGuard Account, alongside with previous reports. 
What new functionalities are you offering instead of Social Media Protection?
BullGuard Premium Protection 2018 edition is packed with awesome new upgrades, such as a Home Network Scanner module that proactively assesses your network for vulnerabilities and provides recommendations for improving its security level, alongside with a Game Booster functionality which ensures a noticeably smoother gaming experience. 
Are you going to release a similar product in the future to replace Social Media Protection?
We are currently exploring all the available options on keeping our users and their loved ones safe on social media. 


Why was the Spamfilter feature retired?
Filtering junk emails is one of the main jobs of all major email clients nowadays. Therefore, BullGuard decided to focus on what we are good at: cybersecurity. We will leave spam filtering in the care of your email client. That said, we will continue to scan your emails for threats and malware as we always have.
Can I still use the Spamfilter feature until the end of my subscription?
No, the Spamfilter feature will be removed as soon as your BullGuard application has been updated to version 18. 
Are you offering or planning to offer an equivalent functionality to replace the Spamfilter?
As antispam technology has become an integral part of today’s email service offerings, we are not planning to develop spam filters in the near future. 
Will my security level be decreased without the Spamfilter?
Your email provider and email client, together with the BullGuard antivirus email scanner (which will continue to detect and remove any infected emails), should manage to keep your inbox relatively free of spam.
If some however do get through, you needn't worry. BullGuard has incorporated a top-of-the-line URL scanner which will block any infected or phishing websites in case of a misplaced click.
We have uploaded guides for the top email and email client providers to help you fine-tune your email spam settings if you wish to do so:

How do I configure Spam settings in Gmail (webmail)?
How do I configure spam settings in Yahoo Mail (webmail)?
How do I configure spam settings in Microsoft Outlook (desktop)?
How do I configure spam settings in Windows Live Mail / Windows Mail (email client)?
Can I remain on the old BullGuard version that contains the Spamfilter feature?
No, the Spamfilter end-of life is being rolled out for all our customers irrespective of which version they are using.
Some customers might choose to disable updates to ensure the Spamfilter continues to run. However, by doing so antivirus definition updates are also turned off. This disables your protection against malware.
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