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What's new in BullGuard 2018?

Game Booster

What is Game Booster?
Game Booster’s purpose is to protect your game from frame rate drops caused by other programs that are running at the same time as your game.  It does this by allocating system resources to your game, while restricting the resources other programs are using. For this reason, improvements are noticeable when your system is running a heavy load, not while it is idle. Optimization only occurs while the game is in full screen, in order to keep the other applications responsive.
Can I turn off Game Booster?
Game Booster can be turned off from the Settings menu.
Does BullGuard automatically detect when a game is being played or must I add the game in a specific list?
BullGuard automatically detects when you are playing a game and will optimize it, provided the Game Booster is turned on.

Home Network Scanner 

Is my home network protected from malware by BullGuard Home Network Scanner?
The role of the Home Network Scanner is to proactively assess every device on your network for vulnerabilities and to provide recommendations for improving the security level of your network. However, it cannot prevent connected devices from becoming infected with malware. 
What kind of devices are detected by BullGuard Home Network Scanner?
BullGuard Home Network scanner detects and assesses the security of all smart devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, baby monitors, smart TVs, Wi-Fi cameras, game consoles etc.) connected to the same network (or networks) to which the computer used for scanning is connected. 
What kind of network connections does the Home Network Scanner monitor?
BullGuard Home Network Scanner can be used to monitor both wired and wireless networks. However, it is NOT recommended to monitor public or friends’ networks. Only your home networks should be monitored using the Home Network Scanner.
What kind of vulnerabilities are detected by BullGuard's Home Network Scanner?
Smart devices get smarter, but they still lack security, leaving the networks they are connected to exposed to attacks. BullGuard Home Network Scanner asses the encryption level of your Wi-Fi, does a full checkup of the devices connected to your network and indicates which ones open external ports which leaves your network vulnerable to hackers. Open ports can be easily exploited to breach the network and to compromise your data, payment information, usernames, passwords and so on. While an external open port doesn't necessarily mean your system has already been compromised, it does leave you much more vulnerable to attack. It’s common for hackers to carry out automated port scans specifically looking for open ports.
Moreover, some smart devices such as surveillance cameras or baby monitors might even have web interfaces which can be easily accessed using only an IP address, without requiring any username or password. BullGuard Home Network Scanner identifies those devices and exposes their web interfaces so that users can take the necessary precautionary actions. 
How will the Home Network Scanner impact the performance of my PC?
The time needed to perform an on-demand network scan is directly proportional to the number of smart devices connected to the network. For small home networks of up to 10 smart devices, the impact on system performance is minimal. In the case of bigger networks, we have implemented a mechanism which makes sure the impact on system performance is as little as possible, even if the network scanning might take a bit longer. 
How can I determine if my home network is vulnerable to external attacks?
Once BullGuard Home Network Scanner is turned on it will automatically detect active network connections and it will allow users to decide whether to have them monitored or not. If a network is added to the "Monitored Networks" list, an initial scan of all the devices connected to it will be performed and the overall network status will be displayed. Moreover, each time a new device connects to the monitored network, the real-time scanner will assess it and will indicate if the device poses any security threats. As a result, you are always in control of the connected devices and their status. On top of that, an on-demand scan can be triggered anytime from the "Show other actions" menu of the Home Network Scanner tile.
Vulnerabilities have been found in my network. What should I do?
If the Home Network Scanner determines that your network might be exposed to external attacks, you should click on the smart devices highlighted in orange in the overview and follow the displayed recommendations. Note that the Home Network Scanner does not automatically fix the detected issues and that user intervention is required to improve the network security level.
How can I see which networks are being monitored and which are not?
You can see an overview of the monitored networks and of the connected devices by opening BullGuard and selecting "My Network" from the "Show other actions" menu of the Home Network Scanner. You can decide anytime which networks should be monitored and which ones should be ignored by going to Home Network Scanner → Settings → Advanced and editing the "Monitored/Ignored networks" list as desired. 
Can I stop monitoring a home network at any given time?
Yes. Simply open BullGuard and go to Home Network Scanner → Settings → Advanced and remove the network which shouldn't be monitored anymore from the "Monitored networks" list. 
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