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I renewed but BullGuard still shows as expired. Why?

When you renew your subscription, the BullGuard application needs to establish a connection with our servers, to receive the updated status of that subscription.

In BullGuard VPN, the subscription status should refresh automatically, on any device. If it fails, log out and log back in. 

In BullGuard AntivirusInternet Security and Premium Protection:

  •        - For Android and Mac, the refresh occurs if you close the app and re-open it.

       - For Windows computers, while the refresh is done automatically after some time, you can also perform
         a manual status check in the application to make sure the new status is displayed right away. To do this
         on a Windows computer, open the BullGuard application, click Settings button, then General.
         From that window, click on the Check status button.



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