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I renewed but BullGuard still shows as expired. Why?

After a given subscription is extended, the BullGuard application needs to establish a connection with our servers, to receive the updated status of that subscription. While this is done automatically after some time you can also perform a manual status check in the application to make sure the new status is displayed right away.

To do this, open the BullGuard application from Start > All Programs > BullGuard, next click on the Settings button located in the top right hand corner of the BullGuard main window > General. Finally click on the Check status button.




If this does not rectify the remaining subscription time, verify that the username from the top of the General screen matches the email address you renewed on. If it does not, please follow this guide in order to relog in with your paid account in the BullGuard application.


Should you require any further assistance you can browse through the rest of our FAQs here or click on the Live Technical Support button below and start a LiveChat or send us an email.

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