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What is happening with my payment?

An order can take more or less to complete, depending on the payment method selected for it. Some payment methods such as ones through credit card or PayPal result in the order being considered as being completed after a very short amount of time (from a few minutes to a few hours) because of the nature of those transactions, even if they actually take place later.

However some transactions, such as bank transfers, require youto perform the payment by yourself and the payment process itself in this case takes place over a longer period of time (up to 2 weeks or 10 working days). The BullGuard subscription corresponding to such an order will only be fully extended after the entire amount reaches our accounts.

This is why we activate the first 14 days from the ordered subscription for bank transfer or cheque payments - to allow access to the desired service until the payment is actually completed. The full subscription period will be automatically activated as soon as our payment systems detect that the full amount has reached our accounts.


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