Pressing the Settings button from the bottom left of the Country list, the Settings menu will open in a new window.


From this window you can choose to set the application to connect automatically at launch. Press Select to select a specific country to connect to.

You can choose whether to use TCP or UDP.
Without bothering you with cumbersome deffinitions:
TCP means your data is error-checked. This makes the connection a lot more reliable, but also slower. You may want to choose this when you don't want errors in your traffic.
UDP doesn't make these checks. The data travels in raw form, so it's a lot faster. You should use this most of the time and it is the default setting.

You can set whether you want the application to notify you of the state of the connection and whether it should update automatically.

If an upgraded version of the application is available, a window will pop-up to let you know.

Kill Switch

This feature helps you manage whether you wish to stop all internet traffic outside of the VPN connection. If you are not connected to the VPN, you cannot use the internet. You may want to turn this feature on if you need to keep your data private at all times.


A Domain Name Server will have a list with sites and their IP addresses. This makes it possible for you to type " in the browser and the browser "knows" where to go".
The internet is a place where a lot of these servers exist and while a good Domain Name Server will have a huge list with places to "visit", in reality you may prefer to use specific servers for better speed, or when a DNS server is down, to restore your connection.
Some example of public DNS servers you can try:

Configuring a different DNS may require you to learn about a bunch of things you may not want to bother with. This is why BullGuard VPN makes it simple for you. Type down the address of the DNS server you want to use and we take care of the rest.


This setting will allow you to choose whether to see the VPN app in the Dock, Menu bar or both.


This tab will allow you to check your account username and subscription status. You can also sign out from the app.

If your subscription is close to it's expiry date, a new button will appear allowing you to quickly renew your subscription.


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