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by BullGuard

You’re never forgotten… ever

You’re probably aware that things you posted online years and that you completely forgot about could come back to haunt you. But it aways happens to someone else doesn’t it? Or does it? An alarming tale comes from a security researcher who started using the internet back in 2001 when routers squeaked and squealed as they got into action and corp...

by BullGuard

Big hacks. Big Dangers. Near misses.

Clearly, we want to ensure our devices are never infected by malware. In the worst case scenario a successful malware attack could be devasting such as hackers get into your bank account taking out loans in your name and even mortgages. In the least damaging instance, you could find yourself blitzed with a wave of unwanted emails because someone...

by BullGuard

Celebrity scams just keep on surfacing… and more

A glut of phishing mails and fake ads about dodgy investment schemes using an image of Martin Lewis, a UK consumer champion, are hitting inboxes at a pace. The emails are prolific and tens of thousands are believed to have been launched.