BullGuard has released a valuable guide to protecting children online. It’s packed with practical tips, the results of a parents’ survey, further references and simple common sense advice. In a seemingly complex area it’s a beacon of simple and sound advice that will help you keep your kids safe online.

Looking out for the kids when they’re online can sometimes feel like an impossible task. They always seem to be online and it can be hard to find out what they’re up to without being intrusive.

They use their devices to hang and chat with friends, play games, do homework, post selfies and connect in a way that has previously never been possible. This is the digital generation and technology for children today is simply a part of their lives. But for parents it can feel an anxiety inducing unknown.


This is not surprising. As all parents know, as well as the enormous benefits of technology such as developing important skill sets that will stand them in good stead in the future, just as in real life there are some dark corners too.

Keep your kids safe with BullGuard


The BullGuard A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online not only illuminates the shadows, if you weren’t aware of them in the first place, but also offers a raft of useful tips on how to keep children safe and how to engage with them about their online activities without coming across overbearing or alienating.

The guide also includes the results of a survey of 2,000 parents which reveals that you’re not alone in your concerns about online dangers; that many parents feel like they struggle to keep up with their children, and that it’s important to have a serious conversation with them sometimes.

You’ll also find useful tips about introducing children to the basics of security and also understanding that online security is not just about stranger danger, it also means protecting against malware and viruses.

There’s practical advice for parents, further references which can be useful if you need to go a little deeper and an explainer on parental controls which can be very useful indeed.

Click below to download your copy of A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online 

A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online