Late last week the Australian press gave extensive coverage to a couple from Perth who had their smart baby monitor hacked.

In a sense there’s nothing new in this; smart device hacks are growing rapidly and with over 20 billion smart devices predicted to be in play globally by 2020 (and that’s a conservative estimate) it’s only going to become more commonplace.

However, what the press did well, and specifically 7 News, was to put a human dimension on the story by eliciting from the couple how they felt:
  • Katie McMurray and her partner Sean Johnson bought a smart Uniden baby monitor so they could observe their daughter, who is just over three months old
  • The couple could keep check from another room by using a proprietary handset device that came with the camera or smartphone app
  • They wanted peace of mind by being able to keep an eye on their daughter when she was sleeping – we all know how babies can wake up without warning
  • One day last week Katie McMurray went to check on her daughter However, as she did so she noticed something sinister; the baby monitor's camera followed her movements around the room
  • She told her partner who checked the baby monitor and found red text in a foreign language displayed in the unit's camera view on his smartphone app. The language appears to be Chinese or Korea
  • Katie McMurray told 7 News she felt ‘shocked’ and "quite sick.”

The story reveals just how creepy it can feel and how much of a privacy intrusion these types of hacks can be. This was a relatively low level penetration despite how ‘invaded’ it left the couple feeling. Smart hacks have the potential to do so much more damage as the number of smart devices in the home increases.

Protecting smart devices

Recently in the US BullGuard released Dojo by BullGuard, an innovative, forward-looking platform that incorporates advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It has a singular aim, to protect smart devices and the home network while also being effortlessly easy to use.
You can find out more by watching this entertaining two-minute video. It’s set for release in Europe soon – watch this space.