BullGuard has again come out on top in the latest AV Comparatives performance test for September 2017, beating out many other anti-malware security software vendors.

AV Comparatives is an independent organization based in Austria that regularly tests and assesses antivirus software.

Its performance test is designed to assess the impact of antivirus software on PC system performance.


Importance of performance tests

Security software is clearly important for every computer. But because it is always running in the background, the impact on resources such as processing horsepower, random access memory and storage can be detrimental if the software isn’t designed thoughtfully.

AV Comparatives uses a number of measures to assess impact such as the speed of file copying, installing and uninstalling applications, launching applications, and downloading files.

Every type of security software has an impact on a computer’s system because for example, it needs processing power to operate.

BullGuard protects your devices from malware, spies and hackers



Low score is good news for users

However, we’re really pleased to say that BullGuard scored a very low 4.9 impact score.
In isolation this might not mean much but the lower the impact scores the better. To put this in context, many other well-known security vendors came in with a lot higher impact scores such as 30.4 and 16.7. This means this specific security software used significant computer resources, which inevitably slows the computer down.

Within the context of BullGuard’s recent 100% scores in malware protection tests, carried out by both AV Comparatives and AV Test, this places BullGuard protection at the top of the tree.

BullGuard customers benefit from:
  • 100% online protection safeguarding personal information such as bank and card details, photos and passwords
  • Minimal impact on computer performance
  • Ease-of-use
  • A constant stream of innovations to meet changing malware threats