Four months after credit reporting agency Equifax discovered it was the victim of a monster hack, losing the records of 145 million US consumers and what turned out to be 15.2 million UK records, it has begun sending letters to UK consumers.

It’s somewhat ironic that BullGuard’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) also received a letter informing him that some of his personal details had been stolen.

Ironic because Equifax also sells identity protection services, yet can’t guard its customer’s data; almost 700,000 UK consumer details are believed to have been stolen.

It’s also disturbing. The breach happened in May of this year; Equifax discovered it in July and while alerting UK consumers to the possibility of data loss over a month ago, has only just started contacting them.

The letter to BullGuard’s COO says:
“I’m sorry to let you know that some of your personal data at Equifax has been accessed following a recent cyberattack against Equifax in the US.
The information accessed was:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
This could expose you to the risk of text or cold calling campaigns to defraud you or use of [sic] your details to enter into fraudulent contracts.”

To put it bluntly this information is possibly circulating dark web forums offered for sale to various shades of cyber hackers and criminal groups.

Either that or it is being held back until the free protection services’ Equifax is offering to customers have expired.

Further in the letter Equifax alarmingly points out:
“The hacker has had access to your data since May 2017 when the attack occurred.”

Given that BullGuard’s COO is protected by BullGuard Premium Protection, which notifies users immediately if their information starts circulating on the web, and he has had no such warnings, it seems that for now at least, hackers are holding onto the UK consumer information.

However, those in the US who lost their personal identity information in the Equifax hack are already paying a price. Fraud has already been detected and one woman said her ID information has been stolen 15 times and it has taken her months trying to put things right and reclaim her identity.

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Protection at hand

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Given that 2017 is set to be record busting year for data breaches you might think this is less of an option and more of an imperative.

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