If your smartphone has been hacked there might be a few obvious clues. For instance:
  • Unfamiliar apps popping up randomly on your phone could be an indication you have been hacked
  • If your phone suddenly keeps losing its charge it could be a sign that malware is running in the background
  • Your device is sending or receiving strange text messages
  • Your bill shows unexpected charges
  • You experience unusual service disruptions. If calls are dropping when you appear to have good signal strength, or strange noises occur during your phone conversations, something may be amiss

If you think your phone has been hacked there are two important steps to take:
  • Remove apps you don't recognise: if possible, wipe the device, restore factory settings, and reinstall apps from trusted app stores
  • Use mobile antivirus software: this protects your phone by identifying malware that is hiding in apps and automatically blocking it from downloading

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To avoid it happening again:
  • Be careful when using public Wi-Fi: public Wi-Fi connections can be easily compromised by hackers.  When using them restrict yourself to simple web browsing and don’t use them for banking, shopping or even accessing email. If a hacker is snooping they can steal your passwords
  • Keep your phone updated: mobile operating systems are regularly updated to patch vulnerabilities and provide enhanced security. Don’t ignore updates, apply them rigorously.
  • Check your card statements regularly: if you do see suspicious payments appear on your card cancel it immediately