There’s nothing like an award or three to reassure you that you’re in safe hands. And Dojo by BullGuard has done it again, scooping another accolade for basically being the best smart device protection any household can get their mitts on.

A bit more formally Dojo by BullGuard received the 2018 Fortress Cybersecurity Award for Best Hardware and Infrastructure, Threat Detection, Connected Consumer Device.

Breaking this down it simply means that Dojo is a very advanced intelligent technology that protects the smart home:
  • It prevents malware, viruses and other cyber threats from invading the smart home. 
  • Using a scanner application that is synchronized with a pebble-shaped alert gadget it flags unfamiliar behaviour in connected devices that could signal an attack on the home network. 
  • It’s very easy to use; a smart phone app provides simple options so users can take appropriate action. 
  • The more it learns the smarter it gets. It transfers its knowledge to all other Dojos in the network irrespective of geographical location. For instance, if it stops an attack in the US it sends the attack information to Dojos all over the world so they can easily identify the same threat.

The award comes from the Business Intelligence Group. You may not have heard of this US outfit but its mission is to acknowledge those with vision, creativity and persistence, in short, those who develop products whose hallmark is outstanding performance.

As such the 2108 Fortress Cybersecurity Awards identifies and honours the world’s leading companies and products working to keep data and electronic assets safe from the constantly growing threat of hackers.

If you’ve got smart devices in your home and you don’t want them hacked or used as a back door into your network then Dojo is the device for you.

It has been the recipient of numerous awards in the past year, including:
  • The prestigious GSMA 2018 Glomo Award for Best Connected Consumer Electronic Device at Mobile World Congress Barcelona  
  • The 2017 IoT Evolution Security Excellence Award

You can find out everything you need to know about Dojo by following this link.