Apple has apparently been locking significant amounts of customers out of their Apple IDs.

This means users couldn’t access their phones with some also losing access to services like iMessage, iCloud and Apple Music.

There is some speculation as to why this happened which is not surprising given the Apple has been less than forthcoming and often adopts an open communication policy akin to North Korea.
  • It’s not clear how many people are affected, but a social media scan suggests it is more widespread than a few individual users. 
  • Apple will lock accounts for many different reasons, usually when someone attempts to access an ID by entering an incorrect password too many times. 
  • Access to an account can be restored by answering the security questions and entering a trusted phone number for validation. Users may also have to reset their passwords.

Speculation about the lock-out suggests two possible causes:
  • A hacking group is attempting to mass brute-force hack a lot of Apple IDs, causing a wave of password resets to happen all at once. 
  • It could be a bug on Apple’s part.

Either way, Apple is not saying.

As an aside it’s interesting to note the Apple operating systems are considered to be relatively safe from hacking because they are proprietary.

But that said, determined hackers have breached security enough times in the past to reveal that Apple devices can be just as vulnerable as other devices running Windows and Android.