Kitronik is one of the UK’s go-to web sites for educational electronic kits including robotics boards, coding devices and the BBC’s microbit which is designed to encourage children to get actively involved in technical activities.

It has also been hacked by what appears to the same group of cyber villains, known as Magecart, who scooped over 400,000 customer details from the British Airways website, according to The Register.

Apparently, in an email to customers Kitronik said names, email addresses, card numbers, expiry dates, CCV codes and addresses were all exposed.

The malware was on its website from August until mid-September.

“Although we have a mechanism in place to alert us if code on the website is changed, this attack was very sophisticated and bypassed that code by making changes to the website database”, it said in an email to customers.

The attack was detected because a third party company, the payment gateway provider, noticed a higher amount of fraud than normal.

The cyber fraudster group, known as Magecart, has been busy this year, skimming credit card details from Newegg and Ticketmaster, as well as British Airways and others.

Personal defence

Hopefully you won’t have been a victim of one of these hacks, though clearly a lot of people have.

BullGuard provides an extra tough layer of protection to safeguard against exactly these types of attacks.

Premium Protection, among other things, locks down identity information by using an algorithm that constantly searches the web for identify details you feed into it.

This can be anything from names, email addresses, card numbers, expiry dates, CCV codes and addresses to passport and driving license details, that is, any personal sensitive information you want to protect.

For instance, in the case of Kitronik, British Airways, Radisson Hotel Group or any other organisation that has been hacked, the moment someone tries to use your data, whether to make a fraudulent purchase, take out a loan, redeem loyalty points, you receive immediate notification.

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