• Is Huawei tech really dangerous?

    Last year the use of Huawei technology in UK 5G networks was given a massive thumbs down by the UK government, following a visit from senior US officials. It’s not known what was shared between the two but it was probably technical in nature illustrating how the Chinese company’s presence in UK 5G networks could be used to extract sensitive data and how it would put transatlantic intelligence sharing at risk.

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  • REvil ransomware gang deepens its reputation for criminal strokes

    Recently hackers infiltrated a Florida-based tech firm, Kaseya, infected it with ransomware, seized troves of data and demanded $70 million in payment for its return. Conservative estimates put the number of organisations affected at several thousand. Others claim it is much higher.

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  • Defending against ransomware

    Once malware makes its way into a computer system it quickly encrypts data and files, rendering the information inaccessible to a user and disabling the computer. When all the files are encrypted the user is at the mercy of the cyber punks who launched the attack. At this stage there is usually a ransom demand, often in the form of Bitcoin, in exchange for restoring access to the data and files.

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  • User data protection feature request

    This feature will protect the user personal data from being accessed, modified or deleted by malwares...

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  • BullGuard quarantines explorer.exe?

    NorthPole Advanced member Date Joined Aug 2016 Total Posts: 134 I was rather taken aback earlier this morning when a BullGuard pop-up message reported that explorer.exe...

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  • SWTOR Problem

    Had this issue with SWTOR,if Parent controls are active Bullguard blocks the game..I have been in contact with support and recently emailsent to me with the following...

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