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Backup overview

Plugin available with

The main backup window allows you to access all the vital module functions - from managing backup profiles to restoring files and directly accessing saved information via the Online Drive through the More Actions (...) button.






Add to Backup: adds the file you choose to the continuous backup, saving the information on the Online Drive.


Start Backup: runs the chosen Backup profile.


Manage Profiles: allows you to edit the Backup profiles and make them match your specific needs.


Restore your data: starts the Restore guide that allows you to retrieve the backed up information.


Online Drive: provides instant access to the content of the Online Drive, where you can interact directly with the Drive by copying or retrieving files as needed.


Settings: opens a new section where you can choose whether BullGuard runs scheduled backups or restore tasks.

Introducing Backup

Online backup for data protection

BullGuard Backup is the ultimate online backup solution for keeping your electronic valuables safe, as it allows you to retrieve and access everything, regardless of what might happen to your computer.

What is backup?

Backup is copies of the data you don't want to risk losing. And the safest and easiest form of backup is online backup. If you store your files online they will be impervious to any damage to both your computer and its surroundings.

Why use online backup?

“My whole life was on there!” If you ever experienced a computer breakdown, you’ll recognize the sentiment.
And that’s why backup should be an essential part of your online to-do list if you spend any time on your computer for anything important, be it personal or business related.

Laptops are much more sensitive

Your data is especially exposed if you usea laptop. Due to its size a laptop is tempting prey to any thief and if you travel with your computer it can be difficult to guard it at all times. Furthermore, a laptop is sensitive. It can easily be damaged if it is dropped or a cup of coffee is spilled over it.

Do you need data recovery?

Sooner or later most of us will likely experience the dreadful death of a hard drive and – unless you back up your data regularly – it is almost always a disaster to lose months or years of irreplaceable files.
While you will obviously be able to recover or recreate some of your data – with more or less hassle – some things are irretrievable: You cannot go back and reshoot pictures and footage of family and friends, for instance.

If your computer crashes, is destroyed or is infected with a virus, with online backup you will still have access to your files from any computer with internet access. You can then restore your files to your computer proper from these backup sources.

Don’t expect your hard drive to last forever!

Hard drives are fragile. They normally come with a limited warranty of two to five years and most manufacturers rate their products to last about five years before they begin to develop bad sectors, lose data and perhaps finally break down.
But bear in mind that lifespan figures are just averages. A hard drive's life expectancy might be six years, but that doesn't mean that yours won't fail next month or next week.
And no hard drive manufacturer offers a warranty against lost data.

Protection from physical damage to your computer

Of course a faulty hard drive isn't the only risk to your data. Fire, theft, data corruption, human error, extremely aggressive computer viruses, or your kids tampering with your computer gear – these things actually do happen and not necessarily just to other people.

Protecting valuable information. BullGuard Backup features.

Backing up files is a necessary step to prevent loss of important or valuable data. BullGuard Backup offers such a solution. Not only does it help protecting your valuable information, but you can use the BullGuard Online Drive as a storage media which you can access from any computer with an internet connection.

The Backup module protects the privacy of your data as the Online Drive can be accessed only by using a personalized username and a password and a secured connection from the computer to our servers.

Threats to your data:


Hardware failure (a hard disk breaks down).





Files corrupted by viruses or malware.





Software failure (e.g. when the Word program crashes while you’re editing a file,  making the file unreadable).





Human error (saving changes to a file without having a backup file first).





Storage media errors.





Theft of the laptop/computer.

Backup essential features


ExclamationMarkThe server-side application



The server-side component is represented by our server clusters that host the online backup drives and the controllers that regulate traffic:


* BullGuard’s custom-built backup servers are placed in a controlled environment, keeping them safe from any natural disasters.

* The data you back up is in turn backed up on our servers.

* All uploads and downloads go through secure SSL transfers.

* The Online Backup Drive can be accessed worldwide from any computer connected to the internet, with or without BullGuard Backup installed. Users can access their data by using internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).


By default, the transfer to our backup drive is encrypted for maximizing the security of the data you send to our servers.



ExclamationMarkThe client-side application



E-mail client support in e-mail backup will allow you to use BullGuard to directly backup the e-mails from your e-mail clients. The Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail (Vista only), Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird e-mail clients are supported. Access to Online Drive through Windows Explorer will allow you to see your Online Backup Drives as a folder in Windows Explorer and use drag-and-drop to backup or restore files.


Incremental file transfer will have the Backup client look at the modification made to the files that are to be backed up and will upload only the changes for those files.


Encrypted backup as an option will result in the encryption of the data put on our servers to be encrypted with a pass phrase that only you have access to.


Zipped storage as an option will have the data deposited on the backup server archived to save backup space.
“Version” backups as an option will give you the possibility to backup several versions of the same file on the Online Drive.


You can also choose to backup to local media such as external hard drives, CDs/DVDs or to remote media such as other computers from the same network.

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