BullGuard Desktop Protection

Find all the help you need with detailed guides to the different aspects of BullGuard protection

Welcome to BullGuard Desktop Protection Help


The below help files contain detailed information on how the existing BullGuard modules for Desktop applications work as well as step-by-step guides for using them.



In order to check which product you have purchased, open your e-mail Inbox and look for your purchase confirmation message. 

Note: Sometimes, because the confirmation messages are sent automatically after you make a purchase, the confirmation message may reach your Spam/Junk/Bulk mail folder instead.



The below table details which modules are available with which product packs:




Antivirus - -
Firewall - - -
Backup - -
Vulnerability Scanner - - -
Spamfilter - -
Parental Control - - -
PC Tune Up - - -
Identity Protection - - -
Social Media Protection - - -

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