BullGuard Desktop Protection

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How to activate Identity Protection


You can start setting up Identity Protection by following the steps below:


1.    If you have a BullGuard application installed open it and click on the Go to My Account button from the Identity Protection box. Otherwise, simply click on the following link to get the appropriate My Account section on our website.






2.    Log in with your BullGuard username and password, to reach the Identity Protection section.


3.    Create a passcode for future access to the Identity Protection dashboard within your BullGuard account.


Note: the passcode doesn’t need to be the same as the BullGuard account password, and is independent from it.






4.    Once you have registered a passcode you will be redirected to the Summary page – the page which lists all details currently monitored. The email address which you have registered as your BullGuard username will be automatically added to the list.






You have now activated Identity Protection successfully. In order to learn how to add further details for monitoring, please visit the Adding Details Guide.

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