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How to add details to Identity Protection

Once you have activated Identity Protection, you can start adding the details you wish to have monitored, as follows:



1.    Log in to the My Account section using your BullGuard username and password.






2.    Enter your passcode and click on Submit in order to access the Identity Protection section.



3.    Select the tab which corresponds to the details you wish to protect (Personal, Financial or Contact).







4.    Click on Add more details, select the desired detail type from the drop-down list and enter the necessary information. Finally click on Add to start monitoring these details.






Note 1: if you choose to add your Credit Card number, you will only need to add the first 6 and last 4 digits. If Identity Protection finds a match for these digits, you will be asked to enter the remaining 6 digits in order to confirm detection. For more information see the Alerts Guide .


Note 2: you can add as many entries as you wish for each Detail Type, except for date of birth – you can only have one registered date of birth.


The information you added will be searched for when you first enter it and then once every 24 hours.


In order to see whether any matches have been found for the Details you added, please visit the Summary section. See the Alerts Guide for more information on the Summary section.




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