BullGuard Desktop Protection

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Identity Protection alerts

Once one of the monitored details is located, you will be alerted via email (or SMS if you have enabled the SMS alert option in My Account > My Communication section).



To verify your information and see what action the Alert advises, please take the following steps:


1.    Log in to the My Account section using your BullGuard username and password.








2.    Enter your passcode in order to access the Identity Protection section.




3.    Select the Summary tab.






The monitored details will all have an indicator on the right side of the screen, on their status.


GreenFlag the green checkmark means that the information has not been located online.


RedFlag the red exclamation mark means that the information has been located online and you have not yet viewed the recommendation.


idp_yellowsign.png the yellow flag sign means that the information has been located online and that you have already viewed the recommendation.


Clicking on either the red exclamation mark or yellow flag will bring up a pop-up window with information on where the information was located, and also what action is recommended.


If Identity Protection finds a match for a Credit Card number, you will first be asked for the remaining 6 digits that you did not enter when registering this financial detail for monitoring.





If these are a match as well, you will receive the location of where the information was detected, as well as a recommendation. If these are not a match, the Alert will be cleared.

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