BullGuard Desktop Protection

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Using BullGuard Desktop Protection with a different username


All accounts are kept in our database to which BullGuard will connect and read the subscription details. Depending on your subscription, you will have access to either all modules of the BullGuard application or to specific modules only, such as Antivirus or Backup.


This guide shows how you can login with your current subscription:


1. Connect to the Internet.


2. Double-click the BullGuard icon in your System tray (bottom-right corner, next to the clock):






3. Go to Settings and click on General:






The user currently logged in is shown in the Change User section and on the home page of the BullGuard interface.


4. Click on the Change User button.






5. Type in your real BullGuard username and password then press the Login button.


Note: In case the password was changed or reset, it is necessary to relog with the new account details as described above.

All BullGuard accounts are protected by a username and a password which you are asked to create when registering for the first time. The username must be a valid e-mail address to which all BullGuard related e-mails (including payment confirmations) will be sent.

Account options will allow you to choose whether you want BullGuard to login automatically at the next startup by using the provided account details (Login automatically option) and to setup your proxy server details if necessary (I use a proxy connection option).

The View privacy policy button will allow you to read our private data collection and processing policies.

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