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How much memory RAM Bullguard need in Windows Xp?

Posted 1/15/2010 6:30 PM
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Rolando Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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I need to know: How much RAM is needed for Bullguard Internet Security 8.7 to work properly in windows xp Home sp3?

Thanks in advance.

Posted 1/16/2010 1:07 PM
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golfeur Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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I just subscribed to the trial version.

Overall it seems to work fine for antivirus and firewall protection.

I have however a major problem with the performance.

Every day, I download stock quotes. Without antivirus program, the download for 1000 stocks takes approximately 25 minutes.

With Bullgard activated, the download now takes 85 minutes. In task manager I don't so any additional usage (cpu or memory usage ), so the usage of bullguard must be hidden in the caption 'non active systems'.

I'm running a 5 year old pc with 3.2 ghz and 1 Gbyte ram memory.

Any comment on this issue is appreciated.

Posted 1/16/2010 5:56 PM
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Rolando Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Hi golfeur:

I have a laptop three years old and 512 of RAM, 1,86 Mz Cpu, Xp SP and Bull Guard 8.7 doing well but uses many resources when update virus database, next works good but other products works better. Updates takes few minutes.
My query is about how much RAM need Bullguard Internet Security 8.7. At the official site there is no data about this issue.
I have a license of Bullguard for one year but for now I'm using another product that gives more perfomance to my PC until I can have clear whether Bullguard requirements are in line with my laptop hardware.

With the hardware in your PC should go very well.

What type of connection do you have? Modem, broadband? You have disabled the windows firewall?

Sorry for my english, google translate helps me.

It seems that the replies in this forum are very slow or nonexistent.

Posted 1/16/2010 6:36 PM
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golfeur Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Hi Ronaldo

Your english looks very good to me.

I'm using version 8.5 which seems to be the latest version for windows 32 bit.

I'm using a high speed connecion (adsl) as well as XP sp3.

I have disactivated the standard windows firewall.

From further analysis on internet, I have the impression that the problem comes from the firewall component. I will tomorrow disactivate the bullguard firewall and activate again the windows firewall and do again a performance test. I will publish the results on this forum.

I'm not too concerned about the speed of a complete scan, because I can run that whenever my computer activity is low. However firewall performance is for me very important.

rudy (golfeur)
Posted 1/17/2010 1:04 AM
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Rolando Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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For me it is very important the firewall too.

The latest version to download is BullGuard_8.7.exe.
Maybe you should uninstall Bullguard with Revo, test the internet connection with windows firewall, then do a clean installation of Bullguard to see that happens.

I've tried almost all firewalls that exist and the four most important, none of them slows down the internet connection, nor BullGuard.

Posted 1/17/2010 4:14 PM
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golfeur Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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The release info 8.5 vs 8.7 is very confusing.
When, on the bullguard website, you click 'download' then they talk about bullguard 8.5.

However if you google bullguard 8.7 then you end up on the same website in the support section, whereby the page mixes 8.5 and 8.7. I restarted the initial part of the download I did a few days ago and that mentions file bullguard_8.7.exe, so I assume I'm running 8.7.

When I open the main software panel I cannot find anywhere the release information.

Now back to the performance test.

I executed today various performance tests, whereby only one program was executing (databull) which picks up stock quotes for 1000 stocks and updates a local database on my pc.

As all tests were done on a quiet sunday, I assume that there was no delay due do heavy server load of databull clients.

The results are as follows:

1. Bullguard completely disactivated, while the standard microsoft firewall is active: 45 minutes

(the 25 minutes in my initial email was clearly based on rough and incorrect feeling)

2. Bullguard firewall on instead of microsoft firewall, bullguard antivirus off: 45 minutes

3. Microsoft firewall on instead of bullguard firewall, bullguard antivirus on: 83 minutes

4. Bullguard firewall and antivirus on, microsoft firewall off: 82 minutes.

The conclusion seems obvious. Bullguard's firewall is ok. The antivirus function however can cause very serious degradation, depending on the type of application you run.

Any comments are appreciated.

rudy (golfeur)
Posted 1/22/2010 9:13 AM
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Alin Vlad Advanced member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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BullGuard 8.5 and 8.7 are the same version, in fact. The only difference is the Windows 7 compatibility only with BG 8.7.

Regarding the download slowdown issue, the problem might be caused by an inconsistency in BullGuard's on-access file scanning module. In order to solve the issue, I recommend you tweak the following settings:

1. Open BullGuard by double clicking it's icon in the system tray (lower right corner of the screen).
2. Go to the Antivirus/Antispyware - Protection tab and enable the "Scan program files only" option.
3. Press the "Scan Exceptions..." line.
4. In the following window, go to the Hardware tab and tick the "Don't scan files from network shared drives".
5. Press OK for confirmation.
6. Scroll down the page, and untick the "Scan boot sectors" box, in the "How to scan" section.

Should the problem persist after making the above settings, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Alin Vlad
Community Manager

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Posted 1/22/2010 11:49 AM
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golfeur Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
Total Posts: 4

I applied the proposed parameter settings and everything now runs perfectly.

Thanks for the help.

Rudy :yeah:
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