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Bullguard Support...Headless Chickens...XP pro...You Decide

Posted 7/27/2010 7:12 PM
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BB Valued member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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In early May BG recommended upgrading to BG9. Within a few hours I started to have all the problems listed elsewhere in the forum.

I tried everything suggested by BG and supplied so many txt files, combo fix, hijack this that or whatever and nothing worked.

I reinstalled my O/S three times with absolutely no effect. Eventually BG Support (that's a laugh) stopped replying to my emails after advising that the problem was being sent to their Technical Department.

I had no option but to remove BG, reinstal the O/S and use the Free AVG.

I then ran my pc for 4 weeks with absolutely no problems whatsoever,after paying for overnight diagnosis and virus check that found nothing wrong or incorrect.

A week ago I emailed BG to enquire if the problem had been resolved. BG support assured me that the problem had been resolved, but that I should wait until after Sunday July 25th when a new and final update would issued.

I reinstalled BG v9 on Monday July 26th, and today I have had so many problems from PC hanging, not booting up, Firewall not loading, anti virus not loading. All this on a newly installed O/S.

I have spent many hours supplying BG with the same files and text runs that I did last May.

BG support now advise that the problem has been referred to their Technical department, (again), and I am supposed to wait until they decide to contact me. They didn't last time and I don't supposed anything has changed since then.

As for me, a customer of many years, I am now expected to wait until BG finally decide what is wrong with their AV having decided that no infection exists on my pc.

I have to say that until this situation, BG were first class in every respect. But this is too much to expect paying customers to stand for such incompetance, aggravation, and inconvenience.

I have seen other post's on this forum where the Support moderator Alin Vlad has been involved, so that BG must be aware of the ill will and customer loss that this is creating.

My only recourse is to use Free AVG and try to get a refund for the truoble that BG have caused.

To any others out there with similar problems, believe me it isn't worth the hassle. Cut your losses,...don't waste your time, get out and on with your life because BG either do not give a hoot or they are incompetance personified.

Posted 7/29/2010 1:11 PM
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Alex S. Advanced member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Hi BB,

Before I start, I will stress out the fact that we commend a level of respect and decency when it comes to the language used when communicating with our users on the forum - which is, by the way, stated in the rules section here.

I suggest you abide by those rules if you wish to continue using this forum.

Secondly, being the last person who replied to your emails (which you probably didn't have the chance to see yet), I can assure you of two things:

1 - the first problem you have reported was indeed one caused by our AV engine - we have made some tweaks to our on-access engine - which we found was the cause. Your case was one of the many that was analyzed when the problem first appeared - the period you have not received a reply from support was used to centralize the logs from users with the same problem, analyze them and see what needed to be done in order to fix the problem.

2 - the latest kit you have installed proves that the problem mentioned above has been solved - in exchange your current problem is that your BullGuard services will not start. One of my colleagues asked you to send us screenshots of the error messages you receive when manually trying to start the services - and most of them show that they cannot start due to the fact that the system services/groups that the BullGuard ones depend on can't run - this is technically caused by either a poorly done Windows installation OR a incomplete BullGuard reinstall.

I can understand your position on this matter and I agree that you were left without a working computer because of a BullGuard bug, which, I repeat, has been solved. The time we spent finding more about the problem and fixing was exactly the time you had to wait for a reply from us.

The level of quality we strive to achieve at support is dependent on certain things - the nature of the problem, and the level of cooperation we get from customers. While, no doubt, you have been very cooperative in this matter, the problem we were facing at the time was very unusual and took sometime for us to get it solved.

Thus, I will kindly ask you think of all the things that need to be taken into account when dealing with such extraordinary cases before passing judgment.

Returning to your current problem, I await your reply on the eventlog files I asked to see why the BullGuard services will not start on your computer.

Thank you for understanding.
Alex Sarchiz
Senior Support Technician
Posted 7/29/2010 9:05 PM
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BB Valued member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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My experience of Bullguard (BG) since May has been abominable. You have absolutely no idea of the considerable inconvenience, frustration and expense caused by it's failure and the necessity to reload the operating system (o/s) many times.

Having waited four weeks and then been assured by BG that your problem was about to be resolved week ending July 25, I installed BG onto a new o/s July 26 only to find that as far as my pc is concerned nothing has changed.You only need to look through the forum to find many posters with the same problem and symptoms that I have.

The last information that I have from support was July 27 which states "The issue is currently being analyzed by our technical department. We will get back to you as soon as we have an answer from them" Virtually word for word of a message from BG received last May, following which I heard nothing. This message was received after I advised that BG would not load, and was left with no AV.

In your reply (2) you state that the cause is now due to either a poor windows installation or incomplete BG reinstal. I have many years experience of computer build and o/s installation. Current problems are exactly those first experienced last May. BG runs perfect on version 8.5.

BG has been uninstalled using the BG uninstaller and reinstalled using the BG installer, several times, following which my Hd was formatted, the entire system diagnostically checked, the o/s and BG reinstalled as above to find that your BG problem is still there.

As for my language, it contains nothing but a factual record of my BG experience and the complete frustration with your product which you so obviously fail to appreciate. Would you prefer me to move to another competitor as I suspect many have, and sully the product, unaware of the frustration caused to loyal BG customers ? I think not.

I would refer you to para 11 of my post "I have to say " etc and reiterate that until this debacle BG was excellent in every respect.... I should not however, have to post your problems here but there is no Customer Service to whom I can write, and requests that my emails be directed to BG Management are ignored. My only recourse is to post on this forum to make others aware of problems that exist with BG v9 which as previously mentioned are confirmed by other posters.

I do not need reminding of forum rules. If you had any idea of the problems caused by the BG product you would expect and anticipate this. If there was a Customer Service that I could contact then I would do so, likewise with BG Managing Director should you care to email me their contact details, thus saving you the trouble and obvious upset of dealing with loyal customers.

I look forward to your considered reply.

Best Regards

Posted 7/30/2010 12:28 PM
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Alex S. Advanced member

Date Joined Nov 2016
Total Posts: 56
Like you mentioned earlier, posting here will not solve your problem. If you wish to continue troubleshooting the problem, I suggest you keep contacting support.

As for making other users conscious of the problem, you should be aware of the fact that most of the users that use the customer related threads do have problems or inquiries related to BullGuard - but that does not change the fact that the vast majority of users don't even need to contact support at all, because they don't have any problems.

The best way to solve the issue is keep contacting support - this is where customer cooperation comes in. I acknowledge the fact that from your end, it may seem that we are slow - but, with the risk of repeating myself, your problem was very unusual and needed to be investigated thoroughly.

Because BullGuard was indeed the cause why you were left without a working antivirus, it is only natural for us to offer compensation for the troubles you have experienced. But that will all be discussed via support emails.

If you wish the communication to be more streamlined, I can take up your case personally, but would also mean that I will be the only person studying it, and slow down the investigation process even more.

Regarding your last request, I am afraid I cannot provide you with the contact details of higher management, but I can forward them your posts. A part of the management also checks the forums, so rest assured that if needed, you will receive a reply.
Alex Sarchiz
Senior Support Technician
Posted 7/31/2010 12:34 PM
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BB Valued member

Date Joined Nov 2016
Total Posts: 11
Your response is appreciated.

I would also prefer my posts to be forwarded to BG senior management so that they are made aware first hand, regarding problems emanating from BG 9, and the incovenience caused to BG customers.

Posted 8/19/2010 7:45 AM
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OzziePaul Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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How appropriate that Alex's response should appear here now. We have an election on this week and have had to put up with weeks of spin. There are two big political parties here that would employ you in a flash, Alex.

It is true that you are more likely to see unhappy users in a forum like this BUT there are lots of them here. They included two retailers the last time I looked; how many unhappy customers do they represent?
I was really happy with BG until V9. What really irks me is that BG refuses to admit that there is a major problem with V9 and wastes customers' time by getting them to try the same things over and over.
Now that I have downgraded to V8.5(?), I'm as happy as Larry. However, it is most unlikely I will renew my subscription.
Posted 8/27/2010 2:28 AM
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tingting Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Your response is appreciated.

I would also prefer my posts to be forwarded to BG senior management so that they are made aware first hand, regarding problems emanating from BG 9, and the incovenience caused to BG customers.

Posted 9/17/2010 7:37 PM
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oojimmyflip Valued member

Date Joined Nov 2016
Total Posts: 11
Looking at this as an outsider just about to install BG 9 from two disks on six computers I am wondering where exactly BB did swear in the above post???

I for one by now would want to be communicating with senior management and if the forum cannot provide this information whats the point? this meerely becomes a discussion portal and will not solve management problems
unless management can be contacted.

BB I appreciate your grief it takes a lot of time to to format drives properly and re-load everything onto your computer once let alone several times, and each time it would make me more and more angry.

I only hope that the CD's released with BG version 9 on them do not have any of your particular issues.
Posted 9/24/2010 4:09 PM
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Keltic Advanced member

Date Joined Nov 2016
Total Posts: 80
i used BG until recently with no real issues and anything i did have was sorted by the online staff who i found to be very helpfull , I moved to bitdefender purely for child protection facilities included but would have no hesitation recommending BG to anyone. also would like to say that the forum staff here do a good job helping peeps with setup issues and infection removal etc and that coupled with their online team gives a level of support that is hard to beat.

All fully updated and virus free.
Posted 9/27/2010 3:48 PM
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Wolvey Valued member

Date Joined Nov 2016
Total Posts: 10
Well.... ive never known anything like this tbh, if ive ever had a problem BG they've always jumped on it like a lion :smilewinkgrin:
And swiftly deal with any problems i have and 99% of the time keep me updated fully.

Yeah i will agree that BG has its odd faults, (But so do the other companies)
Just because you personally didnt have any problems with a different AV, doesnt mean the problems were not there.
Same as a small % may get problems with BG, the majority of customers will never/very rarely get any problems.
My old AV, (which me and my brother used) he had every problem under the sun, where as i had none at all.
People need to also realise that customer support from other comapnies are usually terrible.
Where as i would stay with BG just for the customer support which has always been nothing but perfection in my case.

All companies have there bad points, NO company is without them, no matter how much they strive for perfection.
Its how they deal with the problems that matters.

Overall BG does the job its meant to do great.

And from what ive read above the BG staff have been there usual 10/10 in terms of professionalism and customer service.
And have gone about things the same way i would do, by collecting all the relivant information before investigating the issue fully and coming up with a substantial solution.

Yes it may be annoying for the customer, but things dont get fixed by waving a magic wand, with patience on both sides, solutions will be made much faster, and overall experience for both Employees and customers will be much better.

BB i hope your problem is resolved soon,
And BG staff keep up the good work.

:scool: :scool: :scool:

PS- bullguard should employ me as a Customer Relations Manager hahahaha

Peace and Love =P
Posted 9/29/2010 11:57 AM
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Date Joined Nov 2016
Total Posts: 1
BB....i have every sympathy with you. At least you managed to get a reply. I went onto this forum to see if anyone else was being ignored by customer support as i am.
A copy of my recent e mail below says it all.

I am a second year user of Bullguard and am extremely frustrated by the boasts about replies within one hour. Several months ago i sent a message to support which was never replied to. I have since purchased another 12 x months security and on SEPT 11TH 2010 I posted the following question on the support section which is STILL marked up as awaiting reply.
************************COPY QUESTION*******************
I have scheduled my back up profiles to back up documents, e mails etc to my on line drive when my computer is idle.
I have done a complete on line back up prior to the scheduling being set.
1-will my bullguard now look only for new files and new e mails to back up
2-if i make changes to a document which has ALREADY been backed up , will bullguard sense this and back up the changed document or will i have to back this changed document up seperately.
Thank you
****************** ****************
I have since found the answer myself but that is not the point.

Then at 1115hrs…24-9-10….i sent an e mail to Bullguard ( UNDER THE 'CONTACT SUPPORT' WRITE AN E MAIL SECTION ) asking about doc folders not updating and complaining about being ignored. To repeat this question , i want to know why , after adding new folders to 'my documents' only the older, previously backed up, folders appear on my online drive. I do not have the confidence that my later folders and individual documents are being backed up.

I went onto the forum and noted several complaints about poor service, in particular one in July 2010 where senior advisor Alex Sarchiz got involved.

So having tried posting a support question, posting a chat session, sending an e mail on line , i now resort to this latest attempt of senDing an e mail via my normal e mail client. Considering that it seems virtually impossible to obtain any phone numbers for Bullguard, am i next going to have to resort to snail mail or will someone acknowledge my problem.
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