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RE:How can I delete a backup profile that I no longer need?

Don@t worry about it, bullguard have just closed the back up service anyway.

BullGuard Customers

11/29/2016 18:11 PM

Backup is no longer available !!

Just resubscribed to BG for another year and found out my BG Backup no longer exists. Was pretty disgusted ...

BullGuard Customers

11/29/2016 18:10 PM blocked

Hi again, this site( is blocked again , is there an ongoing issue with them or just false...

BullGuard Customers

12/18/2011 10:43 AM blocked

Can someone confirm if this site ( is blocked for a specific reason or caught in a false...

BullGuard Customers

11/24/2011 18:20 PM

Firefox 6 disables Bullguard Safe Browsing

Thanks, Just got the update :smile:

BullGuard Customers

8/23/2011 08:28 AM