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by Steve Bell

Windows 7 support to be dropped

In January 2020 Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows 7 support. It will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. As a result any new flaws discovered in the operating system are open to exploitation by hackers.

by Steve Bell

127 million customer records stolen

We recently ran a blog on a hacker who stole approximately 617 million user records from 16 websites. Well, quicker than you can blink, he’s posted a further 127 million more records from eight more websites.

by Steve Bell

Reclaim your Security, Privacy and Freedom

Have you ever heard of Kevin Mitnick? He was a notorious hacker who used to be on the US government’s “Most Wanted” list. He served five years in prison for computer fraud. But since his release he has built a career working as a security consultant. Today he is a highly regarded and influential cyber security expert.