System builder

System builder

As a System Builder or PC Refurbisher, your customers trust you to do what’s right by them, and that means recommending an efficient, cost-effective antivirus solution that won’t slow their computers down. Having such a close relationship with your customers puts you in a unique position to not only provide them with the online security they need, but also add an extremely lucrative revenue stream for your business.

Whether you pre-install full licenses or zero-cost, trial 60 or 90 day licenses, the rewards from revenue share can be enormous. See the worked example below, based on 50,000 installed licenses per year and an 85% renewal rate. (License activations on free Trial licenses are estimated at approximately 20% in the first year, with the same renewal rate thereafter).

Example based on typical activation, conversion and renewal rates of a BullGuard 90 day pre-install licences by existing PC Build/refurbisher partners.

"With BullGuard license renewals from our customers running at over 90%, the Revenue Share scheme is an excellent additional income stream for us"

Carl Steggles

121 Computers

BullGuard Advantage

Pre-install Partner Case Study: Chillblast

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