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Continuous Protection

What is the BullGuard Continuous Protection program?

When it comes to Computer Security, auto-renewals are an industry standard, especially for Internet Security programs.  There is an increasing demand from customers to always stay protected and thus, for the majority it is extremely important that we offer the Auto-Renewal option as part of our package. BullGuard implemented the Continuous protection (Auto-Renewal) service after our customers indicated that they prefer to have their license renewed automatically rather than having to manually re-purchase their subscription each year.

Unless otherwise indicated by the customer during the purchase process, all paid BullGuard products are automatically enrolled in the BullGuard Auto-Renewal program. When your license period expires your subscription is automatically renewed, which ensures your virus protection is not interrupted.

Your subscription is automatically renewed 38 days before its expiration date. You receive email notification 11 days prior to the subscription cost being deducted from your credit card, as well as an email confirmation of the transaction.

Why so soon? Transactions can fail for multiple reasons. This is why the automatic renewal needs to happen sooner, so you have time to renew manually, in case the automatic method failed, and remain protected.

The Auto-Renewal is performed with the same options as the last time your purchased BullGuard (subscription type, number of devices and subscription period).

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