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What are the update settings and how to troubleshoot?

To change the update settings, you need to open the BullGuard application and press the Settings button located in the upper section of the main window. In the newly opened window, click on the Advanced button > General > Updates > setup the update frequency and update notifications to your liking.

BullGuard Home Screen

Note: we do not recommend setting the update frequency over 2 hours as new Antivirus updates are released at that rate.

If BullGuard fails to update, it can happen because:
     1. Your internet connection settings are incorrect > You need to reset your internet settings
     Click on the Windows button and type in the following line in the Search box:

     RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ResetIEtoDefaults
     Then just confirm and you are all set.
     2. Your Internet Service Provider is blocking the DNS server > You need to contact them to fix the issue.
     3. There is an issue with our server > We will fix the problem, you don't have to do anything.
     4. The updates cannot be implemented, because something else on your computer is blocking BullGuard >       You need to uninstall any other security programs from your computer.

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