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Network activity

The Network Activity tab shows you an overview of the current applications that are monitored by BullGuard and their adjacent network connection.


It is useful to monitor what applications are using your internet connection. You will also be able to see how many connections and protocols a specific application uses.


To locate the Network activity section, open BullGuard, click on the  drop down button from the Firewall section and choose the Network Activity option.


You can see the associated connections of a program by hovering over it with the mouse.




Application: will display the name of the application, not the name of the executable file you have added in the Firewall.

Local: the IP address of the computer where the application is installed.

Remote: the target computer (the IP address) for that specific application/connection.

Note: Right-clicking on an application and selecting Explore application will open a browser window displaying the location of the executable.

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