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Game Booster Overview

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Safe gaming experiences, without performance loss

It’s not easy to choose between the ultimate gaming experience and protecting your computer from online threats. But thanks to the Game Booster, you won’t need to. This plugin makes it possible to enjoy your game without performance loss, but with the full benefits of state-of the-art internet security.

Game Booster protects against frame drops caused by programs that are initialized by the user, and are not core to the system. This means that any apps running while you’re playing will be running isolated on a single CPU core, while the rest of the CPU cores will be allocated towards the game for a better gaming experience. Since all CPUs today have more than 2 available cores, Game Booster is a viable solution for users looking to get the best gaming experience with zero effort.

Why security is an issue for gamers

Typical frustrations for gamers are endless firewall messages, heavy resource consumption resulting in deteriorated game play and update processes that are initiated during the game.  
BullGuard’s Game Booster module ensures a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience without having to disable the security application.

Running an Internet Security suite on your computer will use some of the machine’s resources. For example, the Antivirus’ real-time file monitor and the Firewall’s continuous traffic filtering both require system resources and processor time. As these resources are limited, they may have an impact on how games run, especially with today’s cutting-edge technology games, that will surely strain the computer’s resources.

With this in mind, BullGuard designed the Game Booster to allow you to an immersive and uninterrupted gaming experience, without having to compromise your computer’s security.

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