Status tab

The BullGuard VPN application will open displaying the Status tab.

Here you can view the list of available servers on the left.

You can mark the servers as Favorites, to be able to quickly connect to your preferred country. You may want to choose to use this function for connecting to your country when you are traveling, or if you want to view specific content for specific countries.

Quick Connect has a complex algorithm behind it which will select the best possible server for you, so your connection is fast. This would be the preferred option for browsing, for example, where you want your traffic to be as fast as possible.

Once you have connected you will be able to see the new IP which your VPN connection uses, the country you are connected to and the duration of the session.

On the bottom left you can see which username you are logged in with and the version number of the application.

On the top right, the search box will help you quickly find a country of your preference.

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