• Pension scams spiral as online crooks increase the pressure

    More than £2m has reportedly been lost to pension scammers since the start of 2021, with average losses more than doubling from last year, research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reveals.

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  • Scammers trying to ‘sell’ NHS COVID passes

    Scammers in the UK are trying to exploit confusion around the end of pandemic restrictions with fake emails and texts that invite to apply and pay for a National Health Service COVID pass.

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  • UK govt aims to stop ‘dodgy’ online pricing

    A move the UK government is set to make to curb firms from adopting disingenuous pricing tactics online is a firm reminder about the value of using a VPN to mask your identity. Government officials are examining measures to halt the ‘exploitation’ of consumers by companies, including airlines, which harvest computer data then use it to tailor prices for individual shoppers.

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  • User data protection feature request

    This feature will protect the user personal data from being accessed, modified or deleted by malwares...

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  • BullGuard quarantines explorer.exe?

    NorthPole Advanced member Date Joined Aug 2016 Total Posts: 134 I was rather taken aback earlier this morning when a BullGuard pop-up message reported that explorer.exe...

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  • SWTOR Problem

    Had this issue with SWTOR,if Parent controls are active Bullguard blocks the game..I have been in contact with support and recently emailsent to me with the following...

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